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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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    Interview: 2010

    Simone Coombes (20 July 2010)

    Is it significant that Nynaeve (in The Great Hunt) channels during the test for Accepted and does not burn out?

    Brandon Sanderson (21 July 2010)



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    Interview: Jun 26th, 1996

    Compuserve Chat (Verbatim)

    Searles O'Dubhain

    The initiation rituals for raising an Accepted to Aes Sedai seem to be based upon some sort of real-life ceremonies. Where did you get the idea for the three passes through the ter'angreal?

    Robert Jordan

    Trinities and threes and multiples of three or seven turn up again and again in mythologies and legends throughout the world and in ceremonies throughout the world. That part is hardly original. It's something that speaks to us on some deeper level. It's so prevalent, it must. It's all pervasive.


    The 'three passes through the ter'angreal' corresponds to the way in which a novice is raised to Accepted, not how an Accepted is raised Aes Sedai.


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    Interview: Oct 9th, 1996


    Have any Aes Sedai ever been refused admittance to any Ajah?

    Robert Jordan

    No. (see below)


    Can an Accepted be raised to Aes Sedai and not choose an Ajah? What happens if they are raised ask for acceptance and are refused?


    This never happens. They are chosen in advance and vetted.


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    Interview: Oct 9th, 1996


    What are the actual requirements for being raised to the shawl?

    Robert Jordan



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    Interview: Oct 9th, 1996


    What are the requirements for being raised from Accepted to Aes Sedai?

    Robert Jordan

    Ability to channel under extreme stress.


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    Interview: Mar, 2000

    Paul Ward

    Possible question: What's up with the Accepted test ter'angreal?

    Robert Jordan

    Anyone being tested is merely a visitor, or rider, on whoever she is in [another reality.]

    Paul Ward

    Therefore, though Sharina may be a real person, it doesn't mean anything in terms of her future advising to the Malkier throne.


    The full text of the response from RJ was provided in a later post:

    Robert Jordan

    The places that novices visit while testing for Accepted are other realities, but it's not quite that simple. Anyone being tested is merely a visitor, or rider, on whoever she is in that world. Some of those who have not come back have died, and some have become absorbed in the different reality, but that is not to say that they are still alive in any sense that we would recognize. You really don't want to stay in the other reality, no matter how terrific it might seem.

    [Verbatim. Everything he said about the Accepted test ter'angreal.]


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    Interview: 2003

    Orbit Interview (Verbatim)

    Orbit Books

    Is this novel going to be a chance for new readers to sample the wonders of the Wheel of Time, or does the reader need some knowledge of the world already?

    Robert Jordan

    I wrote New Spring to be accessible to people with no knowledge of the world at all. Of course, people who do know the world will spot some things that others won't, and perhaps get a few answers to some of their questions. And they will get to see something that I have been asked about fairly often, the test for Aes Sedai.


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    Interview: Sep 3rd, 2005


    During the raising tests for Accepted and Aes Sedai, are the ladies taking the tests actually inside of the World of Dreams?

    Robert Jordan

    No the...well, I am not going to say where they are for the tests for Accepted, that might be a RAFO, probably not, but it might be.

    For the test for Aes Sedai, they are in effect inside what you might call an uber-virtual reality device where what happens is entirely controlled in this case by the sisters controlling the device, but it is a virtual reality that is so terrific that it is reality for you. You die, you are dead. No game over, start again. You are dead.


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    Interview: Sep 3rd, 2005


    Will we ever find out what happened when Elayne went through the arches?

    Robert Jordan

    Probably not—maybe, but probably not.


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    Interview: Oct 20th, 2005

    Robert Jordan

    Someone asked about using the Oath Rod or the Three Arches for Accepted testing in Tel'aran'rhiod, and RJ said that they would not work the same way.


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    Interview: 2005

    Robert Jordan

    To: Les Dabel
    Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 3:03 PM
    Subject: Re: Characters

    Dear Les,

    I'll get onto the additional characters ASAP.

    Here are my comments on the new images.

    The Aiel is very good except for the boots, which still need to look more like Apache moccasins. That is how they are described in the main sequence books, a soft, laced boots. The coat is much better. As a note, remember that the Aiel average about 6'2" for a man, about the same as the Masai. There are plenty of them as tall as Lan and Bukama, and a few taller. An Aiel man who is 5'10" tall would be considered short by himself and by other Aiel.

    The eagle-beak Trolloc is very good. It was a small thing, but the devil is in the details, and Trollocs just don't get ornamentation on their weapons. Plain—so to speak, despite all the hooks, etc—functional, and not a lot of effort into making them look good. They aren't exactly crude—crudely made weapons just don't usually function as well as well-made ones—but they are never fancy.

    Cadsuane. This is not so good. She looks too old and too thin, almost gaunt. Her dress is way too frilly for Cadsuane, and it shows way too much cleavage. Her garments are silk, but cut simply. When she has lace, it's just a touch, perhaps at the neck and cuffs, but she more likely doesn't have any lace at all. She's a woman who does a lot of traveling, and she wants clothes that are easy to care for and can be tended by a poorly trained maid at some country inn. The cross-lacing is off. Dresses in this world almost always button up the back. And Cadsuane is more likely to have a high neckline than not. She makes no efforts to appear in the highest or latest fashion, nor does she try to impress other women with her clothes or jewelry, or to attract men; she's too busy for such foolishness, as she sees it. She is quite impressive enough being who she is, thank you very much. The hair ornaments also appear to be attached to one another, which they aren't. Each one of the ten ornaments hangs from its own individual hairpin. The bun should be right on top of her head, not toward the back.

    As a note on her character. Cadsuane was born in the city-state of Far Madding, which is an out-and-out matriarchy. Far Madding has no hereditary nobility, but its politicians and wealthy merchants are all women. There are men who are craftsmen, but a wealthy man in Far Madding is one whose wife or mother gives him an over-generous allowance. The only men allowed to carry weapons of the usual sort are the Wall Guard, and then only when on duty. The Street Guard is limited to truncheons, sword-breakers and catchpoles. Men visiting from other places must either leave their weapons at checkpoints coming into the city or have them peace-bonded, with severe punishments for being found with the wires of the peace-bond broken. Very few of the city's men seem to be unhappy with the way things are. Far Madding is a prosperous trade center. The usual form of address by a woman to man whose name she doesn't know, or sometimes to one whose name she does, is "boy." None of this has any bearing on NEW SPRING, but it gives some insight into Cadsuane, because the city shaped her early years. Quite aside from being the most powerful Aes Sedai living at the time of NEW SPRING, Cadsuane is a formidable woman.

    Gitara Moroso. I like this very much, though the dress would not be off-the-shoulder. That strapless look isn't used in this world. Most Aes Sedai wouldn't show that much bosom, but Gitara would. And I like the face, too. Very good!

    Moiraine. The dress is excellent, though the sleeves are a bit too wide, I think—remember, Accepted's dresses are described as "simply cut"—but the face seems to have shifted again. I've attached the faces that I approved for Moiraine and Siuan. Also, she wouldn't have her hair in a bun. It would be worn loose. Her left hand also seems way too big; it's nearly half the width of her waist.

    Ryne. This is very good except that his expression here seems on the sour side. That would be okay at the end, when he is unmasked as a Darkfriend, but the continuous view of Ryne until then is that he is charming and personable. He's much more likely to be smiling, especially if there is a pretty woman around. As a note, the dagger he is holding is too elaborate in the blade shape. I know there are a lot of fancy blade shapes out there today—Gil Hibben has much to answer for—but knives and daggers that are, or were historically, used by actual people had practical reasons for their blade shapes, even the yatagan and the falcata.

    Tamra. Overall she looks very good. The only things I don't like are the off-the-shoulder dress, too much cleavage showing for her—her dresses would have high necklines, much like what you show on the Accepted's dress on the Moiraine image, or at least a neckline that showed no cleavage—and her hands both look much too large. The left hand is also oddly shaped.

    Bukama. Yes. I like this one much better. Whatever Andrea did to the chin works just fine. And I like the armor. I hope this helps.

    Take care, Les. All my best, Jim


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    Interview: Jan 9th, 2013


    We know the Aes Sedai don't use a lot of the ter'angreal they have in their possession in the manner in which they are meant to be used. Specifically, what are the correct uses for the ter'angreal used to raise a novice to Accepted and an Accepted to Aes Sedai?

    Brandon Sanderson

    I have no idea.