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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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    Interview: 2012

    Brandon Sanderson (30 August 2011)

    Writing A Memory of Light makes me tired. There are a lot of exhausted people in this novel.


    Have you seen this A Memory of Light fan art of the ta'veren? It's fickan awesome.


    I've seen it, and I do like it a lot.


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    Interview: Nov 11th, 2000

    Henrik from Tampere, Finland

    Mr. Jordan, what is your stance on uncommissioned fan illustrations depicting the world you've created?

    Robert Jordan

    I really don't have a stance. I know a lot of people do fan art of one sort or another. As long as no one is trying to make money on my creations, it's all right with me!


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    Interview: Feb 13th, 2007

    Robert Jordan

    Hi, guys. Sorry this isn't the usual health update, but I'll get to that in another post shortly. A few days, but no more, I promise. This is about something else completely. In fact, it was inspired by a comment someone posted on the blog. I liked the idea and took it to my agent and my publisher. They like it, too.

    We are going to run a contest to find the 15 best pieces of fan artwork out there. I know there is some really professional quality work because I have seen it. Submit your work to Jason Denzel ( those who read a version of this announcement on a few other sites will see somebody else to submit to; dinna fash yourself. That means don't worry about it.). Jason and a few other webmasters will act are first judges as to which pieces to send on to me for final judging. The winning pieces will be gathered into a calendar, and here comes the important part. The normal royalties this calendar will earn, along part of the profits, will be donated to Amyloidosis Research at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. They are really home base for that in this country, quite aside from keeping me alive this far. Now that means that by submitting and having a piece chosen to send on to me, you will be signing away future publication rights for that piece. Winners will get a copy of the calendar, of course, with my autograph and a note of acknowledgement on the page containing your artwork. For monetary rewards, you'll have to hope that some publisher sees and likes your work well enough to offer you a commission. Publishers are always on the lookout for new artists. Otherwise you must settle for the glory, such as it is, of being published in the calendar. Style doesn't matter in this. Manga, hyper-realism, current cover-art. Whatever. Anything and everything is acceptable as a possibility. It will be the quality that counts, not the style. If you want to try it the way you think Rembrandt would have done it, go for it. Though I have a hard time picturing that. Rand as a member of "The Night Watch?" Well, maybe. Try whatever you like. I hope to keep this contest running year after year for a number of years. Possibly, in a few years, there will be enough winners to collect as an art book, perhaps fleshed out with a few artists who didn't quite make the cut in their particular year. So go for it, guys. Let the farce be with you. Oh. Sorry. That's another series, isn't it?

    Take care, everybody.

    Back to you, soon.



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    Interview: Jun 1st, 2007

    Robert Jordan

    I don't know exactly why the calendar contest is being limited to US residents. It is something the legal department insisted on. Now, if it was me, and I lived in Canada or Finland or somewhere, I might just take a chance that they wouldn't look too closely at the return address. Or maybe I'd ask Justin to be a cut-out for me. But that's just me. I would never suggest that any of you do these things. No. Never. Wouldn't be prudent.



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    Interview: Jan 22nd, 2009

    Brandon Sanderson

    I'll be doing a signing tonight at 7:30 at the Barnes and Noble at the Jordan Commons (EDIT: I mean JORDAN LANDING There's no bookstore at the Commons) in West Jordan Utah. If you live in the area, drop by! I'll happily sign books and chat.

    Also, it looks like Mistborn book one is finally up on audible. You should be able to find the audio edition other locations as well. Huzzah! Now just one more to go and the entire trilogy will be on audio.

    Here are two pieces of fanart from readers. The second one being the scene that I mentioned in annotations I'd like to see. We really need to get my fanart section up and running. I'll go poke Sprig (aka Jordo, aka my webmaster) on that one.


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    Interview: Apr 4th, 2009

    Brandon Sanderson

    First off, a very talented a reader and graphic designer just whipped up an awesome Mistborn wallpaper for any who are interested.

    I love how it looks. Thanks so much, John! That is very well done.


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    Interview: Apr 4th, 2009

    Brandon Sanderson

    Finally, to end this all off, I visited a school a couple weeks back and did a presentation. During the signing after the presentation, I noticed one of the girls getting a book signed had a book full of manga sketches. I complimented her on the art, and her response was to offer me some fanart.

    So, of course, I asked her to draw me in a rock band with Naruto, Vampire Hunter D, and some pokemon. (Isn't that what you would have done?) The glorious result is below. Thanks Arielle! You made my day, and not just because you drew me with the slim bod of a rock star. ;)


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    Interview: Jun 23rd, 2009

    Brandon Sanderson

    The folks over at Garden Ninja studio wrote to let me know that a is doing a contest where they're giving away some minis. This week, it's a contest for a set of Goblin Quest minis (from the book series.) They'll have Mistborn minis for give away next week, but I thought you might want to head over this week to get in on the Goblin Quest ones as well.

    Also, a kindly reader sent me some fanart of Vin. Thought you guys might like to see it.


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    Interview: Aug 31st, 2011

    Reddit AMA 2011 (Verbatim)

    relevant_rule34 ()

    No questions Mr. Sanderson, just wanted to let you know that as a long time WoT fan I enjoyed your continuation of series and am looking forward to A Memory of Light.

    With that said, this is a picture of Graendal and her large breasts in a black see-through gownNSFW

    Brandon Sanderson

    Wow. I don't know what to say. I never thought, being who I am, I'd get RR34'd. (That's not a challenge, mind you.)

    Glad you like the books. I hope you don't mind that I've basically never clicked on one of your links... I'm pretty sure the one you're linking to here is one of Seamus's works, though, so let me point everyone to his print gallery. He has done some of my favorite all-time character portraits for the series. His Perrin, Faile, and Tuon—for example—are exactly as I imagine the characters.


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    Interview: 2012

    Schrodingers_Ferret (June 2012)

    Brandon Sanderson ()

    My new desktop image.



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    Interview: Apr 15th, 2013

    Reddit AMA 2013 (Verbatim)

    josephwdye ()

    Hello Brandon !!! One of my favorite question with people with a good sized fandom, What are some your favorite fan made stuff ? Be it fan fication, art, crafts. I hope this isn't too late <3 .

    Brandon Sanderson

    I generally stay away from reading fanfiction done on my work, for various reasons, though I don't have a problem with people writing it. I think the coolest thing is when I get fanart from the books; it helps me understand how people are visualizing my characters, and it gives me a boost to see that what I've written has inspired other artists.