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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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    Interview: Jul 19th, 2005

    Week 8 Question

    When a person that can channel is shielded, where is the shield placed? Is it placed around the whole body of the person or around the head of the channeler where they sense saidin/saidar? If you are shielded from the One Power, are you also shielded from the True Power? What happens if someone in a circle is shielded? Can a Warder feel that his Aes Sedai is shielded?

    Robert Jordan

    A shield exists both as a barrier around the entire person and as a single point along with everything in between. (In a way, this is like the Bore, which does not actually exist as Shayol Ghul. The Bore exists everywhere, but Shayol Ghul is the place where it can best be detected. Which is not to say that there is any connection between the Bore and a shield. Both simply exist in different states simultaneously.) Someone who is shielded and trying to get past the shield can "feel" their way along its inner "surface" hunting for weaknesses, such as the points that indicate where the shield is being maintained or has been tied off. Shielding against the One Power will indeed stop someone from reaching for the True Power. It isn't possible to shield one person out of a circle since, in effect, the circle has become a single person for the purpose of channeling. You would have to shield the entire circle, which would require either a circle of your own or a pretty hefty sa'angreal. A Warder cannot feel that his Aes Sedai has been shielded, though he would be aware of any agitation on her part. But this would tell him no more than that she was agitated.


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    Interview: 2010

    Leth Filorn (13 August 2010)

    Could thirteen Aes Sedai linked shield Rand while he was channeling using Callandor? What about with Choedan Kal at full power?

    Brandon Sanderson (13 August 2010)

    I think I'm going to MAFO those. (Which means email me, say I said I'd ask Maria, and we'll add them to her list.)

    Brandon Sanderson

    I'm pretty sure of the answer, but I don't want to take the time to sort though the notes and look it up for certain while editing.

    Maria Simons

    I really don’t think so, for either, but I cannot find it specifically stated.


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    Interview: Jun 16th, 1995

    Robert Jordan

    On linking he stated that six men is the maximum number of men present in a link, and 66 is the limit for women. He also said that the "one more women than men rule" in the Lord of Chaos glossary was invalid. Complete rules for linking would be found in the WoT Guide.


    Six men is the minimum number necessary for a circle of 72, which is the maximum size circle (and that would leave 66 spots for women), but there can be as many as 35 men in a full circle.


  • 4

    Interview: Jun 21st, 1996

    Robert Jordan

    The total number of people in a circle, when you have the maximum number of women for each man, is always divisible by three. RJ thought that there was an error in the Lord of Chaos glossary and that it had been fixed in A Crown of Swords.

    Brian Ritchie

    Some possibilities I thought of are:

    M W T W T W T

    0 13 13

    1 26 27

    2 37 39 34 36 43 45

    3 48 51 42 45 51 54

    4 56 60 50 54 56 60

    5 61 66 58 63 61 66

    6 66 72 66 72 66 72


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    Interview: Jun 16th, 1995

    Robert Jordan

    Regarding if the Warder bonding had similarities with the linking between a man and a woman he answered that there were bits and pieces that were similar, but that they in whole were very dissimilar.


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    Interview: Oct 24th, 1998

    Justin Howell

    I asked why Elayne thought even a Forsaken couldn't break the shield Adeleas and Vandene were holding on Ispan, expecting the answer that Elayne is clue-impaired.

    Robert Jordan

    The correct answer is that holding a shield on someone depends not only on relative strength and fatigue, but also on whether the shield is held by channelers of the same sex as the victim. Thus two women (Adeleas and Vandene on Ispan, or Ispan and Falion on Nynaeve in A Crown of Swords) can hold another woman, but three women just get severed if they try to shield Rand. As a curiosity, it is also possible for multiple people to hold a shield without linking, but this is less strong and less precise, producing basically a layered shield.


  • 7

    Interview: Mar, 2000

    Paul Ward

    Possible question: How did the Hundred Companions link to make the seals on the Dark One's prison?

    Robert Jordan

    They did not do it linked. They worked together individually, which made it more difficult, and that is part of the reason the seals have weakened so quickly. I never meant to imply linking. It is possible for large numbers to do a large project without linking, although it is more easily done in a circle.


  • 8

    Interview: Nov 14th, 2000 Chat (Verbatim)


    If an Aes Sedai links with other Aes Sedai, will or can the others then sense if she is bonded? Also, can an Aes Sedai (at least as far as the Tower knows) 'unbond' a Warder? It's been suggested that they will set a man free/release him if he really wants to leave, but does that mean 'unbond' him or simply 'not pursue' him and release him from whatever oaths he's sworn as a Warder?

    Robert Jordan

    No. They can't sense it. I think you may be thinking about an adaption of bonds.


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    Interview: Oct 2nd, 2005

    Robert Jordan

    For Infested Templar, two women linking have slightly less of saidar available to them than the two women would have individually. But it can be used much, much more precisely, and therefore more effectively, than they could manage working merely as partners. The reduction also occurs for men entering a circle. One man in a circle means that only the amount of saidin that he can handle, less the reduction for being in a circle, is available. Men can be much stronger than women in the pure quantity of the Power that they can channel, but on a practical level, women are much more deft in their weaving and that means the strongest possible woman can do just about anything that the strongest possible man could, and to the same degree.

    And finally, the Old Tongue is written in a script that has more letters than the English alphabet, some representing diphthongs. That script will be in the Encyclopedia that Harriet will do, along with 950 or so words of the Old Tongue derived from what is called Basic English, the 950 words necessary to carry on a understandable conversation. Some words I dropped as essentially unnecessary to the books—electricity, for example—while others—such as sword and names of birds and animals—I had to add. The total might come nearer 1000 words by now.


  • 10

    Interview: Oct 2nd, 2005

    Robert Jordan

    For Shiska, a mixed gender circle has X amount of saidin and Y amount of saidar available, set by the strengths of the men and women in it. Talents or special skills available to members of the circle other than whoever is melding the flows are not available to the person who is. If those Talents or skills are particularly needed, then control of the circle must be passed.


  • 11

    Interview: Oct 13th, 2005

    Allen Bryan

    Is the Asha'man bond involuntarily linking?

    Robert Jordan


    Allen Bryan

    (Waste of a good question; that's in the FAQ.)


    This actually appears to be one of the things the FAQ was incorrect on. The first edition glossary entry for linking in A Crown of Swords suggests that RJ had the Black Ajah method of forced linking in mind. The glossary reference was removed in later editions, however, and the practice was not mentioned again until Knife of Dreams.


  • 12

    Interview: Oct 21st, 2005


    One question was for a role-playing group, and they asked, "Would an Aes Sedai who has sworn the Three Oaths be able to link into a circle, but not lead it, that would be used to kill someone (not Shadowsworn or attacking)?"

    Robert Jordan

    He answered that no, an Aes Sedai wouldn't be able to join the circle or participate in any way with anything that was against the Oaths.


  • 13

    Interview: Oct 15th, 2011

    Ted Herman

    Would a circle be broken by entering Far Madding or a stedding?

    Brandon Sanderson

    75% chance of no. It would be like using a Well and entering those locations (which would work).


  • 14

    Interview: 2006


    Robert Jordan

    When Careanne (Sareitha) is explaining about the impossibility of one woman forcing a link on another, this study should have survived from the Breaking, I think. Or, at least, it was begun during the Breaking. After this second study was begun and had gone on for a number of years, more of the original was discovered. With the destruction of the intervening years, relatively little is known, some of it only to the Black Ajah.


    This topic is explored a little more thoroughly here.


  • 15

    Interview: Apr, 2012


    Do the Seanchan know of angreal? Can a damane use one?

    Brandon Sanderson

    They know of angreal. That’s in the notes. And yes, as far as I know a damane should be able to use one. I mean damane are essentially in links, and women in links can still use angreal, but this is a good question, because, it’s odd then that we haven’t seen them use them.


    Maybe they were thought too valuable to risk in an invasion—though that’s odd, because that would be sort of where they are needed most.


    Yeah, I’m not sure... that is strange. But they definitely know of angreal.