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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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    Interview: Oct 25th, 1994


    What about those Warders in Caemlyn around Logain in The Eye of the World? Didn't Moiraine say that they were all Red sisters? Reds don't have Warders!

    Robert Jordan

    Moiraine never mentioned the sisters escorting Logain (not all of whom were Red Ajah). The ones with Logain weren't in Caemlyn at the time. Moiraine was referring to those that were in Caemlyn. There is something explaining this in Lord of Chaos. Remember that the interleaving of plot threads goes backward as well as forward.

    Tony Zbaraschuk

    [Evidently they stayed with the army, which stayed outside the city.]

    [Side note: I think I know the reference Jordan was talking about, but I'm not sure I believe it. Remember when Logain was talking to those Altaran nobles, mentioning all the Reds that had secretly supported him, apparently under Elaida's direction. Mentioning this at Siuan's instigation, we all thought. What if Logain was actually telling the truth? Siuan Sanche will be the most surprised woman in the world. I sort of hope I'm wrong on this one. Can anyone else come up with another reference in LoC that might explain this? One mentioning Reds in Caemlyn around the time of Logain's capture?] [Note 2: If Jordan was planning this all the way back in The Eye of the World—I am in awe. Pure stricken awe at the plotting consistency.]


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    Interview: 2010

    Matt Hatch (8 November 2010)

    Is Logain working for Demandred?

    Brandon Sanderson (8 November 2010)

    Oh, you KNEW I was going to RAFO that one. :)


    How often does Demandred contemplate killing Moridin?


    Less than the other Chosen. He is focused on Rand. He contemplates Moridin, but mostly he wants Rand.


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    Interview: Jun 26th, 1996

    Compuserve Chat (Verbatim)


    Will we ever know the specifics of Logain's escape, or rather, are they significant at all?

    Robert Jordan

    Read and find out. Sorry about that!


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    Interview: Nov 11th, 2000

    Bela the Horse from Tel'aran'rhiod

    What was the "extra bit" in The Path of Daggers? Was it the kiss or the bonding? Please help settle this long-standing dispute.

    Robert Jordan

    The kiss is necessary, because that's how they learned to do it, because that's how the fellow that developed it did it. The extra bit is something in the bonding, and you'll find out what in Winter's Heart. You should have gotten a clue, I think, in the scene where the bonding took place.


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    Interview: Dec 12th, 2000

    CNN Chat (Verbatim)


    We know Taim isn't who he says, and so does Rand. But wasn't Logain supposed to reveal him as a liar? What happened to that?

    Robert Jordan

    Read and find out. Don't you love it, guys?


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    Interview: Oct 24th, 2005


    The NEXT guy asked how the bond the Asha'man use is different than the Warder bond of the Aes Sedai.

    Robert Jordan

    He explained that the bond is different because it contains that "extra bit" about obedience. Aes Sedai bound to Asha'man are compelled to comply with the demands of the men. While Aes Sedai can do this to their Warders, it requires work each time. He mentioned that Logain thinks that extra bit can be easily removed, but that the Asha'man feel this is EXTREMELY necessary. A Warder would not kill his Aes Sedai when she turned her back, but the Asha'man have NO such safety with their bound Aes Sedai.


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    Interview: Oct 24th, 2005


    One question that I found interesting, although it slipped my mind last evening, if only for RJ's slick response. The question was about the differences between the Warder bond and the Asha'man bonding of an Aes Sedai.

    Robert Jordan

    From a mechanical standpoint, RJ explained that the bonds themselves are very different weaves, but that is more because of the differences in the situations. It is very unlikely that a Warder would ever try and kill their Aes Sedai, but that is not the case for an Asha'man and his bonded Aes Sedai. The Asha'man bond requires obedience of the Aes Sedai because the Asha'man would be in danger of her if she did not obey his every command. The Warder bond is different in that the Aes Sedai can bend her Warder to her will, but only with some effort on her part.

    RJ quoted from his own book how Logain stated that the Asha'man bond could be easily modified so that the obedience requirement was removed, and here is the important part and I will quote from memory, "but that has not happened, thus far."


    Those last two words were said with his head turning away from the microphone and with a pause before they were said. I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist here, but maybe this is RJ's way of saying we'll see an example of a more equitable bonding between Asha'man and Aes Sedai in the future.


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    Interview: 2011

    Twitter 2011 (WoT) (Verbatim)

    Brian Mueller (6 October 2011)

    Hey Brandon—I always thought Logain had a cool character arc. How much of him do we see in A Memory of Light?

    Brandon Sanderson (6 October 2011)

    He will be seen. How much, or in what capacity, would be a spoiler, I'm afraid.


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    Interview: Dec, 2010


    There are some channelers who have lost strength in the Power (Siuan and Moiraine), is this something that can be Healed?


    You have to still/gentle them again, and then have them "Healed" by a channeler of the opposite sex...thats why when Nynaeve healed Logain, he regained all his power.

    Brandon Sanderson

    That is a common theory. I do believe Robert Jordan RAFOed this very question, which is why I feel I need to RAFO it. It should be noted that Siuan doesn't want to try this, for various reasons.


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    Interview: Apr, 2001

    Robert Jordan

    My question whether Logain knows Cadsuane (one of my main questions, a bit rephrased) got a RAFO, of course, and my question when Logain did arrive at the Black Tower got a quite confused answer. He said Logain had been there for quite a while now, but he would have to look it up in his chronology to find the exact period—not half a year, but some months. Which seems strange to me, since Logain only escaped from the Aes Sedai about two months before he captures Toveine (unless my timeline is completely off). So no real answer here. BTW, does anybody know what happened to Steven Cooper's "Chronology of the Wheel" website? I can't seem to find it at the old location anymore.



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    Interview: Oct 25th, 1994

    Edward Liu

    I told him about the theory, which someone posted, that Taim is Demandred who will eventually be discovered and killed with Logain replacing him.

    Robert Jordan

    He sounded interested at first, but then he laughed (I think about the part of Logain replacing him as the teacher of the Asha'man). And of course he said, "Read and find out."


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    Interview: Jan 12th, 2011


    Will we have any Logain scenes/POV?

    Brandon Sanderson



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    Interview: Nov 1st, 2013

    Brandon Sanderson

    Rand and Logain

    I made a few interesting decisions with the Black Tower sequence. The first was to not involve Rand. Though it would have been a nice narrative balance to have Rand come save the Asha'man in contrast to them saving him in book six, I felt that Rand was riding to the rescue too often. The Black Tower was about to lose him permanently, and if its members could not face their problems on their own, then thematically they'd be left at the end of the series hampered and undermined. Beyond this, I believed that Rand's personality (as shown in earlier books) would push him to avoid being pulled into a potential trap at the Black Tower. His argument that he couldn't risk a confrontation is a good one. Androl and company had to face their problems on their own—save for the help of an Aes Sedai, another thing I felt to be thematically important.

    Perhaps the most controversial decision (among Team Jordan) that I made with this sequence was to push Logain toward being a darker figure. Following his extended torture, I felt that Logain would emerge as a different person—though he'd always been somewhat dark. Some members of Team Jordan felt he was past that, and I disagreed. Logan was a false Dragon, gentled then healed, head of a group of men going insane who owed loyalty to Rand—but who rarely interacted with him. There is so much going on with this guy that he could have carried an entire series on his own.

    I wanted him to wrestle with all of this. Logain's life ever since his capture way back when seemed to have been one of being shoved this way and then that. He needed to decide for himself what kind of Black Tower he was going to rule, if he was going to earn the honor of men as was promised. (And yes, this had not yet happened at the end of the series.) Logain, so far as I know, never once let go of power in the series—it was always ripped from his fingers. In this case, he was allowed to choose.