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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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    Interview: Dec 25th, 2010


    You've said that Shadesmar is the cognitive relam connecting all the worlds in the cosmere, and that Hoid is very good at using Shadesmar. Should we take this to mean Shadesmar is how he travels between the worlds? Do the other worlds have different ways of accessing Shadesmar than the way(s) the people of Roshar use?

    Brandon Sanderson



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    Interview: Nov 11th, 2011


    In whose voice is the "Ars Arcanum" written? Hoid's?

    Brandon Sanderson

    I've avoided answering that question. It's either Hoid or a member of the Seventeenth Shard. That's as much answer as I'm giving anyone right now.


    Brandon has later stated that the Ars Arcana Author is not Hoid.



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    Interview: Dec 15th, 2011


    Is Thinker from the Purelake scene Demoux [from the Mistborn Trilogy]?

    Brandon Sanderson

    Demoux is indeed in that scene.

    And for those who didn’t hear, about the other one, there is a scene in the Way of Kings. People have been trying to figure out… there are some members of… there are some people there that I have hinted are from other books, and they have now figured out two of the three. I don’t think you’ve figured out the third one, and you won’t because…


    Has their book been written yet? Has their book been published?


    . Their book has not been published yet. I won’t say if it’s been written yet. Is anyone confused at what’s going on there? There is a connection between the books.


    What Brandon nearly says about "members" seems to imply that those in the Purelake scene are indeed members of the Seventeenth Shard.


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    Interview: Nov 8th, 2011


    These are things that I overheard.

    Brandon Sanderson

    Kelsier was not spiked.

    Part of the Lord Ruler's motivation for setting up The Final Empire was revenge against the people he viewed as encroaching on his people's land. He was also obsessed with creating order, which Ruin later exploited.

    The Ars Arcanum in the books were all written by one person.

    The author of the Ars Arcanum is either Hoid or a member of the Seventeenth Shard. Brandon also pointed to an annotation on the map of Elendel that's relevant to this question.

    There's just the one system in Warbreaker, and it's also a world with only one Shard on it.


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    Interview: May, 2010


    This one is a personal favor... See, for metals that have Feruchemy, this verb is "charge". A metal is Feruchemically charged. But, you've been using the term "charge" for Hemalurgic metals, too, which I think is confusing. Before HoA I called Hemalurgic metals "Imbued" metals. I humbly petition to have that be the official term, because it's just confusing otherwise.

    Bradon Sanderson

    The Seventeenth Shard members use the term of Invest for all of those type of things. However, what they use in world is different on each world. For example WoK is infuse.


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    Interview: Nov 14th, 2011

    AshleySMoser (14 November 2011)

    I messaged earlier regarding Alloy of Law appendix narrator, unaware of today's torchat. maybe you can respond in the chat?

    Brandon Sanderson (14 November 2011)

    I haven't been telling people the name of the appendix author. It is either Hoid or one of the 17th sharders.


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    Interview: Nov 19th, 2011


    The person who wrote the Ars Arcanum in Alloy of Law, is that the same person who wrote the Letter in Way of Kings.

    Brandon Sanderson

    Its not confirmed, but it's either Hoid, or someone in the 17th Shard. (However, thinking back, I'm not sure if he fully heard/understood the question, and perhaps he was expecting it to be something else. But it seems to me that if he namedropped Hoid, that he may have misunderstood the question, as it seems very likely that Hoid wrote the Letter, I dont think he'd let something slip like that. So i would count this information as rather tenuous.)


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    Interview: Jan, 2012

    Ace_of_Face (

    Who wrote the "Ars Arcanum"? Since the writer obviously had knowledge of the Cosmere I assumed that it was you making an editorial note, but then I thought that it could be Hoid (who was suspiciously absent) or Sazed or any Shardbearer... Does that make sense at all?

    Brandon Sanderson (

    The Ars Arcanum is written in-cosmere by someone, but I don't want to saw who yet.


    Hoid is indeed in Alloy of Law. He's the beggar in black that is at the wedding in chapter 5.


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    Interview: Jan, 2012

    zas678 (

    I dislike double posting, but I have one question that came up recently from your tweet. You said that there are "multiple" people from Mistborn in WoK. Does this include Hoid?

    Brandon Sanderson (

    Yes, it does.


    Are they just vague allusions?


    Vague, no. But I wouldn't say they, save Hoid, have any important impact on the events of the book.


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    Interview: Apr 17th, 2012

    Google+ Hangout (Verbatim)


    How did the whole cosmere come about?

    Brandon Sanderson

    Oh that's a good question, the cosmere came about because- there's really two genesis' of it. First off I'm a big fan of Asimov's work and if you know Asimov's work he tied his two universes together later in his life and I thought he did a brilliant job of it, though patching it together later in his life as he did there were certain continuity problems in doing it and I always thought "Boy, I bet he wished he'd done it from the beginning".

    So, as I started to work on things, I thought "Well why don't I try something like that from the beginning." Once again I got to see what one of the masters did and learn from them, stand on their shoulders.

    The other thing is early I realised that if I were writing mini-books then writing them all in the same series would be a bad for getting published, let's say I wrote five, I'm gonna write five books and a publisher rejects the first one. If the other four are in the same series, it's going to be very hard to convince that publisher to read book two if they've already said no to book one. However, if they are five standalone books, set in different worlds, then I can say if someone says "I liked this book but not enough to publish it," I could send them another one and say "Hey this one is different but similar maybe you'll like that." It just increased my chances.

    The problem with that is I grew up reading the big epics and I love big epics and they are the books of my heart, like the Wheel of Time. I wanted to write big epics and so I started writing a secret big epic. It started with Elantris, which is the first one that I wrote in the Cosmere and right after it Dragonsteel, which is actually a prequel but in a different universe. I started putting characters from each of these books in the other books to have what I call a hidden epic, mostly for myself, because I had all these books I was going to be selling and marketing separately. But when Elantris sold, all of that stuff was buried in there, and I said "Well, I love it, I'm not gonna cut it, I'm just gonna put it in there to see if people notice." I'm going to keep telling my hidden epic because eventually I will be telling the greater story with Dragonsteel and the third Mistborn trilogy dealing with these things and so that's where the idea for the cosmere came from, those two pieces.


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    Interview: Sep 21st, 2010

    Boomtron Interview (Verbatim)


    Will there be other crossover characters like Hoid?

    Brandon Sanderson

    There already have been.






    Can you tell?


    I cannot say more than that, I think that they’re placed quite obviously, they were not very obvious before this book, they do exist, other crossovers do exist. But none so obvious as Hoid. I think there are several obvious ones in this novel, no one has yet found them that I know, but I think once they see them- once you look closely they’re there


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    Interview: 2012

    Supahamir (19 February 2012)

    We also meet three other people who can travel between the worlds, two of whom we've met before (one in Elantris and one in Mistborn), who are apparently trying to track Hoid down.

    Brilliant, just brilliant.


    This really makes me excited to meet Blunt from Dragonsteel.

    Peter Ahlstrom ()

    Blunt is NOT from Dragonsteel. :)


    Brandon later said that Blunt is from White Sand.


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    Interview: Nov 6th, 2012


    I want to know if the Seventeenth Shard members come from all of the planets, not just Sel.

    Brandon Sanderson

    They come from multiple planets. You have seen Seventeenth Shard members from several planets already.


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    Interview: Mar 5th, 2014


    Is the Seventeenth Shard meant to represent a specific Shardic intent?

    Brandon Sanderson

    The Seventeenth Shard has a specific purpose, and the name was chosen very deliberately.


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    Interview: Nov 29th, 2016


    Did Demoux achieve immortality by manipulating his Connection age?

    Brandon Sanderson

    Demoux uses the same method as most of the Seventeenth Shard. That method slows aging by a lot, but doesn't stop it completely.