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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

The Bell Tolls

2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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Theories By WinespringBrother

WinespringBrother has written 16 theories.

Strings of the Shadow

25 replies (last reply 2012-09-01 - Nocterequiem)

The Dark One has been attempting for untold millennia to escape his prison. Why has he failed? Does he have a chance to succeed? What are his tools? What are his plans? This theory will attempt to show how the Dark One has been experimenting to bring about a way to unmake the pattern and free himself.

Note: I put quotes at the end of the theory as footnotes, for readability.

When the Seals weakened enough for the Forsaken to escape, they were dispatched throughout the world with specific orders. However, their main purpose was to be pawns and generals, and direct the Dark One’s forces and plans, since he has no physical presence in the Pattern. The Chosen themselves aren’t very relevant, since even while they have been ...

Mazrim's Time Line

83 replies (last reply 2008-07-29 - JakOShadows)
This theory will attempt to describe as full a chronology of Taim's activities to help determine what his true motivations and loyalties are. I hope to cover some new ground, and not just rehash ezboard discussions. I recommend you open your mind when reading it, to appreciate the depth of analysis I have tried to put into this. Understanding Taim on a surface level only leads to theories like Taimendred, which was shot down by Winter's Heart, and by RJ himself in multiple interviews.

1.Pre-Eye of the World

Taim has been described as about the age of 35, according to Rand's POV in LOC. Since he is a sparker, it is established that he had to start channeling by the age of 20, or a little later, which would mean that he started slowing by about age 25 at the latest. To a...

The Real Black Tower

65 replies (last reply 2006-01-27 - sogoloth)
1. Dreadlords will be an important part of the Last Battle for the Shadow, and not something that recruitment of has been left to chance.

2. The Shadow had no way of knowing in advance that Rand would start the Black Tower.

3. The Dark One likes to make long term plans, leaving nothing to chance. For example, witness the efforts to change the weather, the Lord of Chaos plan which has not yet shown any immediate obvious results, and the leaving Rand alive for some as yet unseen reason.

4. It's likely that there were already a pool of Dreadlords available when the Black Tower was started, and the Fearsome Foursome (Kisman, Rochaid, Torval, Gedwyn) were sent to infiltrate it as part of the Shadow's plan to keep an eye on Rand. Dashiva was also sent to keep an eye on ...

Tarna's secret

10 replies (last reply 2005-02-16 - Callandor)
I believe that Tarna may have been bonded when she encountered the group of Asha'man in her travels from Salidar to Tar Valon. In COT, she has a conversation with Pevara and mentions her strategy of bonding Asha'man. Where did she come up with this idea?

TITLE: Crossroads of Twilight, CHAPTER: 22 - One Answer

"When they can send six to one small village, and Travel? There is only one answer I can see. We. . . ." Tarna took a deep breath, fingering the bright red stole again, but now it seemed more in regret than to play for time. "Red sisters must take them as Warders, Pevara."

My thoughts are that she was sent to the Tower for some reason after her bonding, and was compelled to not mention that she was bonded. Either she was told to try to get mo...

Taim is not Demandred's proxy

15 replies (last reply 2010-11-13 - Joar Addam Ness0sin)
I figured this is not worth a faction, since Taim seems to have enough in that way. However, I found some quotes that seem to indicate in the very least that he is definitely not Demandred's proxy:

By all the reasoning I've seen, Taim is supposedly working for Demandred, as his proxy. And Mesaana was the one who tried to kidnap Rand and take him to the Tower. She is the only one that Sammael confirmed to Graendal that was definitely involved in the kidnapping which makes sense since her power base is the White Tower. Yet think about this quote which contradicts that assertion totally. Makes you think about which Forsaken are plotting against others and which are making good faith efforts at least.

Winter's Heart CHAPTER: 13 - Wonderful News

"Where is he?" Deman...

The Lady of Chaos

22 replies (last reply 2008-09-16 - mb)
"Lord of Chaos Prologue - The First Message

"Still Demandred kept silent, stood there studying them. No, not Graendal. Semirhage and her. And when he did speak, half to himself, it was to they two. "When I think where you two have placed yourselves, I wonder. How much has the Great Lord known, for how long? How much of what has happened has been at his design all along?" There was no answer to that. Finally, he said, "You want to know what the Great Lord told me? Very well. But it stays here, held close. Since Sammael chose to stay away, he learns nothing. Nor do the others, whether alive or dead. The first part of the Great Lord's message was simple. 'Let the Lord of Chaos rule.' His words, exact." The corners of his mouth twitched, as close to a smile as Mesaana had eve...

Artur Hawkwing's knowledge

49 replies (last reply 2004-07-01 - charliec)
I haven't seen this theory posted anywhere, so here goes:

Quoted from the BWB:

"In early summer of Free Year 994, Artur Hawkwing was stricken by a sudden illness and went into a precipitous decline. For much of the next month he was fever-ridden and delirious, often shouting for his sword, Justice. According to several sources, he frequently spoke as if Amaline or Tamika or both were in the room. His last words were addressed to them. “I cannot come, yet. The work is not done. The battle is still to be fought."

I think that is the Last Battle, Tarmon Gai'don, that he is referring to, and that he knew that he was a Hero of the Horn, and not just a run of the mill mortal.


a new angle

24 replies (last reply 2004-04-19 - Callandor)
"Agelmar Jagad and Davram Bashere will no leave the Blight, I think, and Pedron Niall will surely no be of use to you. (Sheriam, FOH ch 27)

Who was this Davram Bashere, and why was Elaida so frantic to find him? Why had Elaida forbidden anyone to mention the name of Mazrim Taim, the false Dragon, with a threat of stiff penalties? Why had Queen Tenobia of Saldaea and King Easar of Shienar both written letters politely but stiffly resenting White Tower meddling in their affairs? (FOH ch 40)

"I will not turn back," she went on fiercely, "whatever the rest of you do. I sent my dear Uncle Davram to bring me the head of the false Dragon Mazrim Taim, and now he and Taim both follow this al'Thor, if I can believe half what I hear. I have close to fifty thousand men behind me, and ...

The Dragon's Altered Destiny

16 replies (last reply 2003-06-17 - Vaughn882)
I believe that the Dragon's destiny was greatly altered at the end of the second age, due to the taint which was directly caused by a force outside the pattern, and which causing him to go mad and kill himself, making him "sidestep" his fate.

The sidestepping of fate obviously didn't result in a Dragon not being Reborn, but it did alter the circumstances significantly. For example, from Artur Hawkwing's speech in Falme, we can determine that LTT was a hero of the horn, who fought at Hawkwing's and Birgitte's and etc.. sides many times. As well as the fact that LTT is spun out repeatedly by the Wheel as are the rest of the HOTH.

Hawkwing addresses Rand/LTT as if he had amnesia about his past lives (and wasn't too surprised about it):

Justice shone like a mirror i...

Connections to the Pattern

9 replies (last reply 2003-06-08 - Callandor)
I'm working on a theory regarding LTT's role in the Dark One's plot to break the pattern, but this is one part of it relating to the ghosts spotted in various locations.

On various occasions, LTT would complain how the dead are never silent. I think that the ghosts are loosened/torn from the pattern in some fashion, and are drifting free. And I think that LTT suffered the same fate when he died - and that it is similar to what RJ mentioned about Fain "sidestepping" the pattern. Ultimately, I think that the Dark One's plan involves removing his archenemy the Dragon from his destiny path, and part of that involved the tainting of saidin. I will post a theory regarding LTT's connection in the near future.

Shadowspawn running amok

11 replies (last reply 2003-12-09 - WinespringBrother)
Well, got your attention anyway.

We all know how Jordan likes to sneak in plotlines with little fanfare. Such as the ghost of Maringil that the maid mentioned seeing when running around saying Dobraine was dead. So, here follows an obscure reference from COT, chapter 23, for your reading pleasure:

"Lord Algarin showed me the skin of a large snake he claims came from the Drowned Lands, but I'm convinced it is the same as I observed..." (Nesune talking to Verin, pg 531).

What can we tell from this? Nesune sees the (presumably shedded) skin of a 'snake', that she thinks she has seen before, and wants to discuss with Verin. Where did she see the snake before? And why did she add the qualification "claims"?

Perhaps the snake she saw or thought she saw wa...

More bubbles of evil

14 replies (last reply 2003-06-07 - Weird Harold)
I believe that the ghosts, weevils and failures of saidar are all increased instances of bubbles of evil.

The original bubbles of evil were attracted to the three ta'veren, and two of them, Mat and Perrin, both saw ghosts or someone nearby saw them.

The failings of saidar could be related to the loss of channeling ability that Alviarin, Moghedien, Graendal, etc. felt in the presence of Shaidar Haran.

Gaidal Cain was ripped from the wheel by Moghedien

10 replies (last reply 2003-09-30 - moridin68)
This is a post I put up on the boards:

What if Moghedien also ripped Gaidal Cain from the wheel? If she did it to Birgitte, why not to him also? In the last fight with Birgitte, before being captured by Nynaeve, Moggy turned Birgitte into a child. Maybe she captured Gaidal, turned him into a child, and then cast him out of TAR as part of the revenge on Birgitte. Remember, she hates Birgitte with a passion, and what better way to injure her than get back also at those she cares about, namely Gaidal Cain. What better way than ripping him from the wheel as well?

But they were reunited, in a sense, thanks to the ta'veren-ness of Mat. At least temporarily.

Demandred's Identity Still a Mystery

14 replies (last reply 2006-01-07 - Rhiale)
This theory will try to demonstrate that Demandred isn't Bashere, or Weiramon, or Mesama, or Halwin Norry, or any other known characters in Randland. Why not? Because in the encounter at Shadar Logoth, not only did he not recognize Damer Flinn as an asha'man, he didn't even notice the ageless look of Sarene or Corele, both Aes Sedai. Anyone in Randland, the least of which a Chosen, who is supposedly keeping an eye on Rand, would know the ageless look of an Aes Sedai, and there is evidence to show that neither Sarene nor Corele are newly raised and thus too young for the ageless look.

LOC: Chapter 25: "That had bothered Sarene as well. Partly because she had liked Moiraine - they had been friends as novices and Accepted, though Moiraine was a year ahead, and their friendship had...

Mat's guide to Finnland

184 replies (last reply 2010-02-13 - Tragon)
It's an accepted idea that Moiraine is still alive in Finnland (with the vision of Thom and the blue stone), probably a prisoner of the foxes (since that is the doorway she and Lanfear went through), and at some point, a rescue expedition will be mounted.

The most important person to be on this trip must be Mat for several reasons.

1. His memories from the foxes included people who have been to the foxes before, since that is where they got the memories from to give him. They will help in strategizing to find Moiraine, and escaping.

2. When Olver first mentioned his Snakes and Foxes game to Mat, Mat realized that he knew how to play the game but he never actually played it. (LOC PB pg 481) Why would that be? Maybe one of the people wh...

Finnland revisited

18 replies (last reply 2005-09-13 - Astra-al)
Some thoughts on the Finns, and their domain, their abilities and their motivations. This is a long post so bear with me. I have yet to see any posts that theorize on the nature of Finnland so here goes.

Both types of Finns are able to interact with the Pattern in powerful ways, either by reading the weaves in the pattern, or changing them, in whatever ways the petitioner asks. This could be a symptom of either the inborn/learned abilities of the Finns, the nature of Finnland, or both. I think that the latter is the case.

The Snakes/Aelfinns act similarly to Min when she has viewings - they look over Mat's head, and then provide the answers to his questions (TSR, PB pg 252). This alludes to abilities that are inborn, as Moiraine proposes.

The Foxes/Eel...