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ountering Saa

by Darkmessiah: 2010-11-01 | 6 out of 10 (1 votes)

Recent Categories: How Will It End?

I've read many of the theories here and elsewhere and cannot find an idea that has been nagging at me for some time. The majority of people seem to be focused on deciphering who Taim is or who Demandred is, or trying their hand at figuring out the answer to some of the more puzzling prophecies and viewings. Please if you see someone commenting on the topics I'm going to discuss point me to them, because I cannot find them.

However, no one seems to have posed the question of how the Dark One's prison should be sealed, what tools Rand should use, who may have to help him, and how he can stop Saidin from being tainted as it was when Lews Therin attempted to seal the Dark One away. I believe that one of Lews Therin's more lucid moments coupled with one of the concepts that has arced over the entire series holds our answer. Lews Therin says to Rand in The Gathering Storm that his mistake was touching the Dark One with the One Power. Presumably he attempted to physically bind him with it much like a normal channeller might attempt to bind someone with ropes of Air. This is presumably how the Dark One managed to taint Saidin just before he was sealed away.

Balance. Nearly every book speaks of balance. Saidar and Saidin. Male and Female. Light and Dark. We even see this balanced in Rand and Moridin. Champion of the Light and Champion of the Dark. Balance is clearly an over arcing theme of the Wheel of Time as many of you have said in your theories and comments on theories.

The weapon. Moridin has his weapon. We've seen it since his original appearance. Saa. The essence of the Dark One himself. It twists and warps the pattern, having both strengths and weaknesses compared to the One Power. Including driving a person insane, healing the madness left by the taint, and seeming to enhance someones physical abilities (i.e. Moridin inadvertently twisting an iron grating in Ebou Dar as he watched Nyneave, Elayne, and the Kin escape via gateway from the Seanchan's impending arrival.)

I'm suggest that because Lews Therin says his mistake was to touch Saidin directly to the Dark One, and that balance is one of the huge in your face screaming themes of the Wheel of Time that there must be some balance to Saa. If Saa is the essence of the Dark One then this balance would be the essence of the Creator. Think back to the sword of pure Light that Rand wielded in Eye of the World. At this point in his channeling career Rand wouldn't have known if he was wielding Saidin or some mystery power tied directly to the Creator. I also believe that the pool in the physical Eye of the World was a pool of this power.

Moiraine says that it was a last store of pure untainted Saidin preserved for the Dragon Reborn during the Time of Madness, however ALL of Saidin was tainted, how could they have summoned up a pure pool of it after the taint had been applied? Also think of the healing affect it had on Aginor as he attempted to drain it away. When has wielding Saidin ever been known to have that effect on a person? Saa on the other hand healed things that could not be healed by the One Power, namely Lews Therin's taint induced madness. You should also consider the rock that was dropped into the pool when Moiraine and the Emond's Fielders came across it. It expanded to several times its size, going from a pebble to a boulder as it neared the bottom of the pool. Saa has also had bizarre effects on the world around it.

The Creator is the one who originally sealed the Dark One away at the moment of creation. It only stands to reason that His power is needed again to perfectly seal the Dark One away. I believe Rand has this power and only needs to learn how to tap into it. I'm getting long winded here so I'll attempt to wrap this up.

You may be wondering at this point how he is supposed to simply learn to wield this new power. With everything else he has had some teacher or intermediary. Asmodeon taught him how to wield Saidin, and the connection between Rand and Moridin's minds (Moridin says in The Gathering Storm "I am very weary as of late. Or is that you?" showing they have some kind of unexplained connection) obviously explains his ability to wield Saa and could easily explain Rand's ability to weave exactly what he needed to destroy the Domination Band. But who could teach him this new power? For this I have two options that I'm jumping between and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Min viewed that Cadsuane had something to teach Rand, to teach Rand and all of the Asha'man and many of us believe that Cadsuane is supposed to teach Rand how to laugh and how to cry again, as she has said on many occasions that she wishes to. However, many prophecies and visions don't turn out exactly as they are written, in the Wheel of Time and every other piece of literature involving prophecy. The wielding of this new power may be what Cadsuane is meant to teach him.

However a far more likely source of knowledge in my opinion is Moiraine. As we all know she has spent the far majority of the series locked away with the Aelfin and the Eelfin. These two people have shown themselves to be a very mysterious source of knowledge and presumably power. They answered Rand's, Mat's, and Moiraine's questions, and they filled the holes in Mat's memories with those of other men. If they gave Mat knowledge he didn't have before could they have done the same for Moiraine? Could she have been wheeling and dealing this entire time on Rand's behalf? It certainly would have been Aes Sedai of her to use her time to glean as much information as she possibly could during her time there. And it certainly would have been Blue Ajah of her, especially her, to have secured for the Dragon Reborn the weapon he would need to succeed in the Last Battle.

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Tamyrlin: 2013-01-07

WinespringBrother's response for Tamyrlin:

I like the idea of a new power that we don't know about yet, to solve the problems caused by the Bore. However, my guess would be that the person to give clues about it would be Cyndane, since she was the one who originally created the hole in the Pattern originally, so she might be able to reason out the means to close it up, though Moiraine would be an intriguing possible source of this knowledge as well.

The Eye of the World was untained Saidin, however, created by filtering tainted Saidin through Aes Sedai to purify it, killing them in the process. And it had more of a reverse-aging effect on Aginor than anything else, which is one of its regular side-effects.

I like this theory and it definitely would be an interesting resolution to the age-old question.


Kamaul: 2013-01-12

There is "The Destruction of the Dark One" and "No, the Other True Power" that say, like you, that there is another power belonging to the Creator. "Seed Singing the Pattern Shut" and "How can a Day Dawn Twice" are theories that say how the Bore will be sealed, without the power of the Creator, only the power of the Pattern itself. There are probably thousands of these theories analogous to yours on the Message Boards and another thousand theories that say why you are wrong. I'll stick to the basics:

ACOS Signing Report - Michael Martin (Paraphrased)

Question: The Creator's "Inability" To Act On His Creation

Having encountered a similar "theology" in Donaldson's Covenant series, I have been quite curious why the Creator can't act on His own world. It didn't seem to make sense, except as a plot device.

Robert Jordan:
RJ answered this question. His thesis was this: A perfect Creator should create a perfect creation. To act, miraculously or no, on this world, would be tantamount to acknowledging imperfection in Himself. So, when humanity screwed things up, they've been left on their own to "patch" things up. :-)


COT Signing Report - Tallis (Paraphrased)

Robert Jordan:
Rand has no direct connection with the Creator. The Creator is completely removed from the world; aside from...creating...the Pattern, he does nothing else whatsoever to influence anything.


East of the Sun Interview - Helena Lofgren (paraphrased)

Another point he pressed was that "no one's going to rescue you", there are not going to happen any miracles. The Creator shaped the world and set the rules, but does not interfere. Humankind messed things up, and have to fix it too, as well as finding the truth themselves.

Those are all the quotes that I can find in a few minutes, however I am sure there are more.