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he Dark Ones Plan

by Bunny: 2003-02-18 | Not yet rated

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Sorry about the length, but these things all kinda tie together...

After Demandred goes to Shayol Ghul he meets Semirhage and Mesanna and says: "When I think of where you two have placed yourselves, I wonder how much the Great Lord has known all along."

Given that Anath is probably Semirhage and Mesanna is in the White Tower and we learn that the Seanchan are planning on attacking the White Tower, part of the Dark Ones 'Plan' becomes clear.

How would the Dark One get rid of Aes Sedai? Well, if he leashed them all, then controlled all the leashes, he would wield enormous power. If the Black Ajah undermine the defences in the White Tower, at Mesanna's direction, then it would probably fall to the Seanchan who would then be controlled by the Dark One. Nice One.

Now that Egwene has been captured (and who could have betrayed her? Only everyone in the entire camp saw her leave...) it seems Gawyn will come to the rescue - the dreams she has of him walking over glass to reach her indicate that he will have to betray his current allegiances to rescue her. And rescue her he probably will - her dream: 'her head was on the chopping block, the axe was descending, but someone was running. If they ran fast enough, she would be saved."

That then leads to the Seanchan attacking the White Tower and offering Egwene an alliance following her escape. Egwene is camped to the North, the Seanchan will probably camp to the South. What happens if they do ally and Egwene and the Seanchan, or maybe just the Seanchan (Egwene's dream - a long line of leashed women called down the One Power against the White Tower) attack the White Tower. The White Tower begins to fall (Egwene's dream of the Seanchan rocking the tower) and Aes Sedai are captured by the Seanchan. Just in the nick of time Rand binds the Court of the Nine Moons to him - probably through Mat and his relationship to Tuon. This probably won't happen until after the Seanchan attempt to bind or control Rand - the second of Min's occasions: "Women who can channel are going to hurt you. Twice. It will be very bad." Rand conquers the Seanchan and orders them to free all damane (Min's viewing of a random Aes Sedai - "A leash appeared around her neck and just as suddenly shattered - she would escape somehow"). The rebel Aes Sedai could then take control of the White Tower.

Beyond that, two prophecies speak of Rand conquering the entire land: "The north shall he tie to the East, the south to the west, and none shall stand in between." and "They (the Wise Ones) dreamed of you splitting the Wetlands in two with a sword." What happens if Rand binds the Aiel to the armies from the border lands. And Tear and Illian with all the land conquered by the Seanchan. Not only will he have conquered the entire land, he will literally split the land in two. That's about it, except that Rand will link with Ishamael - Ishamael is the only man that Rand has overtly touched (as Min's viewing stated - "You touched and merged.") in Shadar Logoth. Thus one of the final battles will be held in Rand's body, between Champion of the Light and the Champion of the Dark. Who's gonna win?
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Tamyrlin: 2003-02-21

The first part is an extremely good idea. I don't think I have ever understood Demandred's quote that you pointed out but that would make sense. The Dark One wants to destroy the Aes Sedai...because they are the only ones who can counter his plans (well, the asha'man can too, but the DO is working over there too.) But I disagree with your assessment of Rand's triumph. He won't bind the entire Seanchan clan to him, no matter what he does, and they never will let all of the damane go free. Rand may get part of the Seanchan on his side possibly through Mat and Tuon, but the Seanchan will stick attack the White Tower. After the Last Battle there will still be wars between the two sides, the Seanchan in the West and South, and the unified armies of the North and East. The big picture is the DO will try to squeeze all of the armies of the north and east between his armies from Shayol Ghul and the Seanchan, breaking the Aes Sedai and Asha'man apart through the Black Ajah and Taim, and leaving everything a chaotic mess.


Anubis: 2003-02-21

i think that we have the typical seanchan reaction in egeanin. she feels that the damane would be ok unleashed provided that they swore an oath to the emperess.


Dragons Shadow: 2003-02-24

I agree. Remember that the Sul'dam is a VERY honored profession. The whole of Seanchan society would be in upheaval over the revelation that Damanae and Sul'dam are no different. It would be the wisest move for the emperess (once the knowledge gets out) to elevate the damanae to the status of servant rather than animal.

After all if she was to cast down the Sul'dam - who would control the power that keeps the crystal throne strong?


Graendalboytoy: 2003-02-24

Min's viewing was of Edesina, the Aes Sedai that Mat rescued in Ebou Dar. That's why the collar vanished in the viewing...I think


anderwarrick: 2003-06-06

Bunny, with the part with Gawyn coming to save her, thats even more possible since he agreed to help Elaida. Elaida probably got him to come to Tar Valon and got him and the younglings in by the ships that came into the harbors. Then when he finds out that Egwene got captured he goes and rescues her. then Egwene finds a storeroom or something to travel out of bringing Gawyn with her. Then Gawyn goes with her to one of the bridges and calls the younglings to him.