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O making a shield

by anderwarrick: 2003-06-03 | Not yet rated

Previous Categories: Plans of the Dark One

I think that the DO is starting to put a shield over the whole of the saidar and saidin, but starting with saidar.(this also explains saidar failing) But, IMO the different worlds are all seperated by the One Power.

The DO is making a huge shield that he's putting in place so that no one will be able to channel but his forsaken. (using the TP) That way he can take Rand easily, and won't have any resistance that matters. If the shield is completed, he'll send out his massive trolloc armies and the forsaken.

The forsaken will use the TP instead of the OP because the OP will be completely blocked. That way the DO would not be able to be stopped. I think that Rand, some Asha'man, and Aes Sedai will all feel what is happening with the power and Rand will guess what is happening. Then Rand takes all the Seanchan, Asha'man and as many Aes Sedai as he can to Shayol Ghul to fight the last battle.

Feel free to rip this apart.
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Tamyrlin: 2003-06-09

Where did you get this idea concerning the shield? What makes you think that this is the Dark One's plan? And why would Jordan add something like this so late in the series? The only reason the Dark One had a form of access to Saidin in the first place, was that LTT attempted to seal the prison. You are making the DO too powerful; he is imprisoned and does not have that type of ability. The OP turns the Wheel, I don't think the DO could shield it without destroying the entire Wheel...and I doubt that is where Jordan is going.


Callandor: 2003-06-09

Nitpick: The DO only allows Moridin to use the TP.

And I agree with Tam, if the DO could have done this in the AoL, he wouldve done it. Hes not that powerful.


anderwarrick: 2003-06-09

well, i thought that maybe most of the seals could be broken now, they haven't been checked on for a while, so maybe there is only like 1 or 2 left unbroken. and isn't the DO like and anti-thesis thing to the creator? wouldn't that mean they are about equal in strength, so couldn't the DO sent out his TP to block the OP? also, isn't destroying the wheel what the DO wants?


anderwarrick: 2003-06-09

another thing about my theory. okay, when the DO is trapped in his prison the creator made 4 him, nobody can use the TP. so what if i was wrong, and he's not making a shield. maybe he's making a prison around the Creator and the OP is starting to fail because the Creator is being blocked up. I mean, the DO would want the creator blocked while he ruled the world right? unless he broke the wheel.


Callandor: 2003-06-09

DO wants to rule and make something in his own image: the Pattern.

And he can't be the total opposite of the Creator in strength because the Creator imprisoned him.


Weird Harold: 2003-06-09

As I understand your point, it's based primarily on the premise that Saidar is failing; explianing that and expanding it to a larger plot of the DO's making.

If that's true, your basic assumption is false -- Saidar is NOT failing!

A few specific wards that are static an seldom checked on or renewed are not sufficent toward against the increased vitality of what they were set against -- i.e. rats and other vermin.

The wards aren't weaker, and Saidar isn't failing. The vermin are simply stronger because of the DO's increased effect on the world.


Rand-althor: 2003-06-09

If The DO could have done this, then he would have before the seals were even in place. Plus who says the OP comes from the creator the same way that the TP comes from the DO? If the OP was the creator's power, why would he allow dreadlords and the forsaken to use it? Basically, if this could be done, it would have by now, and probably long before.


penguindude: 2006-08-14

An interesting theory. I wish I had seen this one before now. Okay, so I don’t agree with the theory (it seems too late in the series at this point for RJ to introduce something that hasn’t even been hinted at) but I’m a lover of a good debate and cannot pass up the chance to argue in favor of the Dark One’s Shield. So here is my support for anderwarrick’s theory:

We know that it is possible to cut off a person’s ability to channel by putting a Shield between them and the One Power. This Shield is shown in the novels as being placed on the person. But what if, using a tremendous amount of power, you were able to place the Shield at the Wheel’s end instead of the channeler’s? Would that not logically cut off everyone from accessing the One Power? The main problem with attempting such a feat is that if you used the OP to create such a Shield, you’d no longer have the power to maintain the Shield. This changed when the Dark One was unleashed.

As the Dark One’s True Power is not dependant on the Wheel the way the OP is, one might be able use the TP to shield Saidin and Saidar at the other end by constructing the Shield over the Wheel instead of the channeler. Certainly, the Shadow has proven itself able to Shield people from the OP before. Both Mesaana and Graendal have lost the ability to channel in the presence of Shadar Haran, which would have had to come from the TP or some other talent given by the Dark One to Haran.

If the Dark One was planning to use some kind of Shield to block channeling at the Wheel’s end and thus prevent all channelers from accessing it, it would explain several things:

1. The apparent failing of the One Power recently may be attributed to the slow growing of the Shield, much like a floor door closing.

2. It would explain why the Dark One has always seemed to be a bit more interested in manipulating channelers than in outright killing them. No longer able to access the One Power, how many more would pledge their souls to the Shadow in the hopes of obtaining access to the True Power? Sure they might never have a hope of getting it, but there are a lot of dead Darkfriends who were confident in gaining immortality and that hasn‘t hurt recruitment.

3. Could it explain the taint? Maybe the DO was only partially done building such a shield in the Age of Legends and lost control of the Shield when the Dragon put the seals in place. We know a collapsed weave leaves a residue. Aviendha mentions about gateways that “The residues of a weave this large might be read two days from now” (Path of Daggers; Unweaving). Who knows what all that TP sitting on the Wheel would have done? Could have given the taint as much as anything.

4. If such a Shield was put in place, it would explain why not all Ages have the ability to channel.

5. It would fit it with the final book of the series being called “A Memory of Light”, as the OP is now only a memory.

So that is basically my thoughts on how anderwarrick’s theory could possibly work. Allow me to address beforehand some questions or disagreements that could conceivably arise:

1. How come the DO never cut everyone off from the OP in the Age of Legends?

The logical answer would be that the DO has never yet fully escaped his prison. It would likely require vast amounts of power to Shield the Wheel, so He’s probably only been able to work it a bit at a time.

2. If the DO really did do something like this then how would Al’Thor ever win the last battle?

There are several possibilities. A] It turns out there really is a Light Power coming directly from the Creator (I won’t get into that here as it’s already got several theories on it). B] Al’Thor fixes the Dark One’s prison at the same time as the Shield is complete. C] Jordan goes the way of Tolkien’s Golam and it ends up being Padan Fain who saves everyone once the OP is no longer usable. Since the cleansing of the taint has proven that Shadar Logoth and the Shadow have the ability to cancel each other out (also stated by RJ in Tor’s weekly Q&A), maybe it ends up with Fain canceling out the DO’s power in the world in much the same way. It would certainly a major twist to the ending of the book.

3. The Creator is more powerful than the Dark One, as demonstrated by who sealed who outside of time for all eternity, so why would he allow the DO to manipulate the Wheel like that?

We’ve seen the DO get away with similar things before. Why not this too?

Okay, so there is my considerably long response to the theory. I still doubt we’ll be seeing it, but RJ has surprised us before and it nevertheless could possibly happen. Anyway, thank you anderwarrick for giving me something to think about on my daily walk. It was certainly something original to read about.