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tarvin the World

by Anubis: 2003-01-27 | Not yet rated

Previous Categories: Plans of the Dark One

This is what i think the do's next big "project" is. I think that he is trying to starve the world. He is causing food to spoil at an alarming rate, and we have seen farmers complaining about crappy harvests.

If the DO continues at this rate, i could see humanity being dead within a year or less. At the least the human armies would be in chaos, fighting over the good food and trying to stay alive.

Now how is rand going to fix this? Well, we know he is. There are numerous refrences to the dragon causing the land to be fertile, but i have no idea how he will accomplish this.
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Tamyrlin: 2003-01-28

Which may have been his strategy from the first heat blast and the extreme cold and of course I am guessing that you then believe the weevils are something the DO is controlling? As to how Rand will fix this...maybe the only fix is to reseal the Bore or fix it however he might.


Callandor: 2003-01-28

How about the SONG! I'm not saying that Rand will find the song, but someone, maybe Perrin or something like that, will find it and use it to help the food. In the BWB I think there is a reference about how sung-food resists all pests and grows great in bad areas.

THAT would sure solve the problem.


Anubis: 2003-01-28

Yes i do believe that the weevils are something that the do is controlling. Some people say that so harbor was because of fain, but it doesn't seem like his style, and i think his focus would be on rand, not perrin and even less likely, some random town. The weevils are the DOs then you can assume that the ghosts are his, or at least not fains. Anything fain and the dark one would be fighting it out.


Dedicated: 2003-01-28

I tend to agree with Callandor that Perrin will remedy this infertility problem when he finds the Song. Whatever it turns out to be, the song seems to have implications for plants (i.e. the growing song sung by the Ogier and Ancient Aiel, the Way of the Leaf, and Avendesora all seem to connected)


Anubis: 2003-01-30

I dont know about perrin finding the song. For one it seems too whimsical, but it is a possibility as perrin is the only one to interact with the tinkers and actually know about the song. However several of the prophesies and the 4th age writings point to the dragon making green things grow again.


Captain Cauthon: 2003-01-30

I'm not sure that the DO's real goal is to kill all or even most of humanity through starvation. I think it's all part of his greater mind game with humanity to demonstrate how great his power is, this still being before he's even truly free. If he can keep directly and obviously affecting the world in this manner, people will continue to succumb to despair well in advance of the Last Battle. People will either be too afraid to fight against such power or be so certain of defeat that they won't even try. Otherwise, what will be left for the DO and his Chosen few to rule over?


Weird Harold: 2003-03-23

First of all, I think the parallel between Revelations and the WOT is the best explanationof WHY a famine is imminent. The most concise explanation a google search turned up was from an "Ask Yahoo!" answer about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

"[Revelations] Passages 6:1 through 6:8 describe the horsemen. In these pages, Jesus Christ is symbolized by the Lamb, and he opens a scroll fastened with seven seals. After he breaks each of the first four seals, one of the horsemen appears....

In Revelation, conquest, war, famine, and death/pestilence are given power over a quarter of the earth. Humankind suffers even more in this book, but in the end, good finally triumphs over evil. "

The comparison between Four of Seven Seals breaking and the appearance of Conquest, War, Famine and Death/Pestilence is pretty much inescapable.

While Revelations helps to understand Why the weevils, ghosts and other "Bad Things" are happening, it doesn't do anything for understanding How the broken seals are related and how the DO is accomplishing this.

First of all, I don't think this is a deliberate planned move of the Dark One or his minions. Nor is it something that Padan Fain is causing.

IMHO, this is simply a side effect of the DO's increased influence in the world -- more like pollution than anything else. As the Seals break, the DO's touch spreads like sewage or toxic waste from a broken pipe. As the sewage spreads, vermin thrive, crops wither, and diseases spread. I fully expect to see at least one epidemic soon.

Second, How will Rand Cure this or Clean it Up? I'm not sure that it will be anything consciously directed at this problem -- curing this will be a side effect of Rand's actions , just as it is an incidental side effect of the DO's touch.

An early comment by somone (Moraine?) says the land reflects the rulers health and vice versa, or words to that effect. The implication is that Rand's never-healing wound fromFalme will continue to get worse as long as the land is in turmoil and suffering; When Rand's Wound *or* the Land is healed, BOTH will be healed.

One of Herid Fel's comments -- his last, I think -- says, something about "Belief and Order are the key." It could be that "Belief and Order" are the key to healing the Land and Rand's Wounds rather than winning at T'G. Or perhaps it has a wider application to healing the land, winning at T'G, and just life in general.

In short, I don't think the DO planned this or that Rand needs to do anything special to fix it. It is simply a symptom of larger problems and will be cured by addressing the larger problems.

With regard to Perrin's involvement in avoiding Famine, I'll simply remind people of an early Min Viewing of Perrin, without further comment:

"A wolf, A broken crown, *Trees flowering all around him*"


Weird Harold: 2003-03-23

I think that Moridan's Sha'ra game analogy applies here as well as to other theories.

In Sha'ra, the outcome is determined by the "Fisher King" Either player can control the Fisher King, but having control does NOT guarantee a win. The Fisher King still has to be maneuvered into the proper place to winthe game, no matter who actually controls the piece.

Obviously, the player who controls the Fisher King has a better chance of guiding him to the right spot at the right time to win, so Turning Rand is an obvious ploy to be attempted by the DO's and his forces. It doesn't guarantee a win, but it does make it more likely.

I think that the DO needs Rand at T'G because of the sheer Power required to destroy his prison. If the right sequence of events occurs and the True Power and the True Source are used simultaneously in just the right way, the Pattern (aka the DO's Prison) will disintegrate and the DO will be free forever.

A lesser Victory for the Shadow simply sets the stage for a better chance on the next turning of the wheel, or reverses the forces of Dark and Light for the next turning -- a turn of events my poor mind can't really encompass.

From the BWB: "As Elan Morin Tedronai, he was one of the foremost philosophers of his time, perhaps the foremost."

Nearly everyone, in character and out, considers Ishamael/Moridin to be insane. Whether he remembers thousands of past lives or not, it's apparent he *believes* he does.

From a reader's perspective, I think we can accept that because of the nature of the WOT, his statement should be seriously considered as factual, regardless of it's basis in Ishamael's flawed perception -- it is RJ's first opportunity to "set the stage" -- and Ish certainly has the philosophical background to make accurate deductions at the very least.