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Member Contact:

The "member contact" page includes the following:

Priority Contact with Theoryland
As a premium member, we offer you this special contact form. You can use it to inform us that you have an issue that needs our attention. Premium members, no matter when they email us, are our first priority. In other words, your issues will go to the top of our list.

Contacting Premium Members
Since we have automated other functions that allow us to interact with our users, we felt this tool could be very useful to contact a member that you know only by name. It doesn't disclose personal e-mail addresses, and will never do so. We are planning to create an interface on the site to view these contacts instead of forwarding them to your e-mail account. Just another reason joining as a premium user is so beneficial. This currently only allows you to contact other premium users. You will be notified if your message was unable to be sent.

Now What?
We encourage you to sign up now and enjoy these incredible benefits instantly. If you still aren't convinced, sign up for a basic account so you can at least submit theories and predictions. Either way, we are glad to have you here with us at Theoryland and we hope you enjoy everything we have to offer.

As we develop the "member contact" page from your feedback, we will continue to add additional features to improve your member experience.

Below is an example of the "member contact" page:

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