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Default Nice thread Terez!

Originally Posted by Terez View Post
Well, sure. The fun is figuring out if they tie together or not, as they seem to. On a level that goes a little deeper than the random Black Hills quotes, there is the mystery of the Borderlanders. We have clues, and we should go forth and do some debate over them, or some such. Maybe we will find more clues.
I mentioned the Black Hills recently in the same type of point of view.

Agree the clues, hints and connections between the Black Hills, Borderlander's armies adventure down south, and even the Shadow Coast area are there; all have many similarities tied to the Shadow's original plan I believe too.

These various connections of reminds me, a bit of two parallel events which occurred in Caemlyn:

Once a Grayman attempted to kill Rand with Aviendha and two Maidens were in the room...just before the Queen of Ghealdan's secret letter arrived by man on horseback...and of a suddenly, of all people Taim pops into the room and frys that captured Grayman with a fire weave killing him. And of course, Taim gets a chance to glance at the mysterious letter in question. While Rand wonders why Taim killed the grayman, let alone arrived when he did there.

Then later Elayne while in her Caemlyn rooms, is almost killed in a complex plan to place Daved Hanlon into a powerful job close to the new Queen to be of Andor. Dyelin almost died in that attack, and Daved gained a powerful job.

#1 - One of the parallels of the story is the Shadow seems to repeat its prior strategies, and tactics of doing business. Try to put a spy influencer close to the object of their desire:
  • Rand --> Taim,
  • Elayne --> Daved Hanlon,
  • Egwene --> Aran'gar,
  • Elaida --> Alviarin
  • Pedron Niall --> Jaichim Carridin (to dash Niall's plans)

Its logical to assume some of the Borderlanders Aes Sedai with Tenobia and the King of Kandor are associated with the Shadow, too: Black Ajah.

Just like its logical to assume their are agents of the Shadow in both the cities of Cairhien and Tear now, too.

Its unconfirmed but possible that these individuals are also spies for the Shadow:
  • Noal Charin --> Jaichim Carridin (to spy him); later Matrim Cauthon (I suspect too)
  • Ailil --> into plots surrounding Rand and nation of Cairhien.
  • Weiramon --> into plots surrounding Rand and nation of Tear.
  • Jaq Lounalt (secretary for Lady Sylvase of House Caeren) --> to torture & kill the darkfriends captured by Elayne in Andor. Maybe even is connected "Min views a red-hot iron and an axe above Elayne", in 'The Great Hunt' book, Chapter 43.)

#2 - The other parallel tactic the Shadow's agents use is a misdirection of one's end destination, so the prey is trapped.

As you mentioned Terez, Careane did attempted to push Elayne, Nynaeve, the Kin and Windfinders to head to the "Black Hills". Just as Be'lal and Mesaana pulled Nynaeve, Elayne, Egwene into a Black Ajah trap in the city of Tear, to use as bait to later capture Rand within the Stone. Noal Charin attempted to do the very same thing to Mat, Thom, Olver after learning about Moiraine's letter to save her from the Eelfinn's realm. Noal suggested looking in the Shadow Coast. The thing is, Noal did not have any advanced noticed that Mat was going to flee Ebou Dar in the middle of the he had no real time to communicate with his "handlers" - Ishamael? Yes, Noal's exact part in the story is still unfolding.

The interesting part is in putting together all the known information to create a better picture, of where the storyline is heading and who's really a double-agent or triple-agent.

The areas of the Black Hills, Shadow Coast, the corridor of abandon lands between Amacidia to Altara and northwards up to bridge at Whitebridge Andor are particularly important zones for the Dark One's plans within the Westlands, I think. Steddings and their near by Waygates are another angle to look into deeper connections as well.

Somehow, no one has explained why or how Ogiers suddenly are living within formerly abandoned Stedding within the Shadow Coast area. Who are these Ogiers associated with? And why did they not let Loial close access to their Waygates, in both Shadow Coast Steddings?

Are they Darkfriend Ogiers? Or Seanchan Ogiers? Or Ogiers from someplace else, Elder Haman is clueless about?
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