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Originally Posted by FelixPax View Post
  • Noal Charin --> Jaichim Carridin (to spy him); later Matrim Cauthon (I suspect too)
  • Ailil --> into plots surrounding Rand and nation of Cairhien.
  • Weiramon --> into plots surrounding Rand and nation of Tear.
  • Jaq Lounalt (secretary for Lady Sylvase of House Caeren) --> to torture & kill the darkfriends captured by Elayne in Andor. Maybe even is connected "Min views a red-hot iron and an axe above Elayne", in 'The Great Hunt' book, Chapter 43.)

#2 - The other parallel tactic the Shadow's agents use is a misdirection of one's end destination, so the prey is trapped.

As you mentioned Terez, Careane did attempted to push Elayne, Nynaeve, the Kin and Windfinders to head to the "Black Hills". Just as Be'lal and Mesaana pulled Nynaeve, Elayne, Egwene into a Black Ajah trap in the city of Tear, to use as bait to later capture Rand within the Stone. Noal Charin attempted to do the very same thing to Mat, Thom, Olver after learning about Moiraine's letter to save her from the Eelfinn's realm. Noal suggested looking in the Shadow Coast. The thing is, Noal did not have any advanced noticed that Mat was going to flee Ebou Dar in the middle of the he had no real time to communicate with his "handlers" - Ishamael? Yes, Noal's exact part in the story is still unfolding.

The interesting part is in putting together all the known information to create a better picture, of where the storyline is heading and who's really a double-agent or triple-agent.
Some good points overall, but I felt compelled to nitpick on two details.

1) Careane and the Sea Folk: she did mention the Black Hills as a misdirection, yes, but was she acting in her capacity as Black Ajah or as regular Aes Sedai? Mat suspects that the whole list of possible destinations everyone offered, including the ones proposed by Elayne, Nynaeve, etc., was facetious and intended to push the Sea Folk into agreeing to go to Reanne's farm because all the other choices offered were so far from the coast. If he's right then Careane was following Elayne and Nynaeve's plan rather than acting on the Shadow's behalf (though she certainly would have reported their destination to the Shadow if they'd hadn't been chased away by Seanchan before she got a chance to).

2) Noal Charin: Noal has exhibited memory gaps similar to the blackouts caused by exposure to Compulsion, but I do not believe he is actually a Darkfriend for several reasons. Firstly, Darkfriends have been ordered to kill Mat on sight. Luca's show travels far too slowly to outrun that order, and if Noal were a Darkfriend he would have had ample opportunity to hear about the death notice in one of the many towns they stopped near. Secondly, "Ba'alzamon" bragged about turning Jain Farstrider into a tool, which suggests that Farstrider was tricked or manipulated (or Compelled) rather than knowingly converted into service of the Shadow. Noal is likely a ticking time bomb, yes, but I believe whatever he's been Compelled to do is more complicated than just spying if only because if he were a spy he would have had ample chance to send reports about Mat's activities every time the show stopped next to a town with carrier pigeons and his handler would have an opportunity to send back new orders (ie "kill Mat").