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Default Maps, and more maps

Originally Posted by Terez View Post
I believe that is one of the maps made by Dom at 13th Depository. He's been working on them for some time.
Actually this particular map is a creation of mine, not Dom's at 13th Depositary blog:

I separately created this map of current nations surrounding the once past nation of Shiota, which was a post-Trolloc War nation:

What I noticed in particular is all the solid color areas, which no one nation claimed or governs actively now.

The solid color of orange in the south almost links the former Shiota lands, in purple, and Ghealdan lands in blue, with the former nation of Fasashelle, colored in yellow, which abuts the town of Whitebridge.

That corridor is the reason why I think the Perrin found Darkhound tracks in the area, many books ago. And why Trollocs attacked Tylee's Seanchan just outside of Ebou Dar, 30-ish miles away (tGS, Prologue).

There is this slightly more complex version of the changes since the Trollocs Wars up to the current 3rd Age nations as well:

It did take quite a bit of time to piece everything together. Yet it wasn't too difficult as there were to maps of the same scale to work from to mesh everything together. Dom had a far more difficult job, creating his maps with fewer hard clues to work with in many cases. His maps are much nicer to behold for the eye than mine. We each had different aims in mind for our mapping goals.

The other surprising thing is how many of the current nations have been created out of the remains of prior nations. Be it Illian, Andor, Cairhien, Saldaea, or even Arad Doman. While other nations have a history of losing land over time: Amacidia, Altara.

Tarabon and Amacidia once each controlled the Shadow Coast, but how and why did neither of these nations ever re-take these lands with prime fishing grounds off coast is a good question. Why do Illian fisherman fish off the Shadow Coast early in the series, while either Amacidia or Tarabon could of had an economic monopoly of these fishing grounds yet neither sought too?

Why did the now dead King of Amadicia have as part of his titles, "Guardian of the Southern Gate"? What is there to guard against to the south?

Originally Posted by Lord of Chaos book, Chapter Prologue "The First Message" - Morgase pov with Ailron
Ailron, Anointed by the Light, King and Defender of Amadicia, Guardian of the Southern Gate, was not as handsome as rumor made him, but then, Morgase had suspected when she first met him, years ago, that he might be the source of those rumors himself.
Is there a good reason why Amacidia's southern border is a long river?

Is Amacidia's border there, because they know Trollocs do not like to cross large flowing deep bodies of water (tEoW book)?
But that explanation does not give us a cause to explain the reason for Tarabon's own southern border.

I hope Amathera's character in the next book or two, can answer these open questions as to why are the borders are where they are (cause). And what Amacidia is guarding against too.
"Surprising what you can dig out of books if you read long enough, isn't it?" -- Rand al'Thor, The Shadow Rising

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