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You have the Eelfinn able to perform transmigration of a soul into another body like Shai'tan? That's not too likely, I'd say. That pushes their powers to the godly level.

I think I prefer this version of the story:

- Luc is a Hero of the Horn.
- Isam was sent by someone (Ishamael? a Red Veil "chief"?) to this "Aiel" town in the Blight to be raised in the Shadow, because a Malkieri lord like him might be useful (RJ said as much, he RAFOed by whom/where Isam had been raised but told us the rest).
- It raises the question whether the Red Veils have been secretely involved (as Dreadlords, leading the Shadowspawn) in the Fall of Malkier.

- A foretelling of Gitara Moroso sent Luc to the Blight. It's nothing to do with Isam, it's a mirror to his sister being sent to Aiel. She was sent to become a Maiden, he was sent to the Red Veils.
- Luc was captured by Red Veils, and having channeler genetics, he was turned to the Shadow at the Town.
- Shai'tan created a special bond to Isam and Luc. Luc was killed and his soul seized, translated into Isam's body (two souls in one body - some kind of merging occurs, based on Mordeth-Fain and a comment by Vandene, perhaps not worth much, that Mordeth awaited in SL to "seize a soul"). The soul of dead Luc is bound to the Wheel and to TAR. The ability to make "holes" with the TP to and from TAR is a gift from the DO. The ability to change appearance at will (or subconsciously, whichever soul/personality happen to dominate Slayer's thoughts) as he enters or exits TAR comes from Luc being a dead Hero.
- Slayer never adopts Luc appearance in TAR because the other Heroes would recognize him and destroy him.
- The original purpose of Slayer for Shai'tan? An experiment to deal with the Dragon soul, and find a way to control it.
- The apparent success of the Slayer experiment - the Wheel appears not to have control over its "corrective mechanism" when that soul isn't incarnated, and this lead to Shai'tan ordering Ishamael to try his damnedest to turn Rand to the Shadow, to bless Lanfear's attempt to achieve the same. Failing to lure him of his own free will, plan B was to capture him and turn him forcibly (it's the plan Semirhage was ordered to risk a lot to implement in the late game. The Shadospawn attack on the manor was an attempt to decimate his inner circle before Semirhage's attempt. Moridin lied about it, pretended he suspected one of the Chosen, to put them all on their guard and best behavior so none would dare try something if they got wind of Semirhage's moves...).
- Luring Rand to the Shadow isn't enough. Ta'veren have much more limited free will than normal people. A Darkfriend Dragon would still be controlled by the Wheel... to fail Shai'tan.
- Shai'tan prefers to get Rand alive, because he can control the timing, manner and location of his death and optimize his chances to seize his soul. Beside, it's important the soul embraces the Shadow before dying.
- Shai'tan ordered Ishamael to wound Rand with the True Power. This created an anchor of a sort.
- Shai'tan surprised Moridin in Shadar Logoth by seizing an opportunity, and seizing control of the True Power, Shai'tan had it piggy-back on Rand's balefire stream and connect to the anchor in Rand's body. Rand is now bound to Shai'tan through Moridin's soul.
- All that's needed to make Moridin and Rand a new Slayer is for Rand not to die in circumstances in which Shai'tan wouldn't be able to seize his soul. Ideally, Rand would still be turned to the Shadow first (thus Semirhage's orders so late in the game), as otherwise his soul and Moridin's will struggle for control).

Endgame musings:

- Rand must shed his blood on the stones of SG to remove the anchor and dissolve the bond to Moridin. The purpose of Fain's wound is to come in contact with the TP one and destroy it.

- Shai'tan might about to gain a bit of control/influence over Rand because of his use of the True Power. This is suggested by the Dark Prophecy suggesting the DO's ability to interact in the Pattern will increase through his gaining some direct control over those tied to him (Darkfriends, Forsaken etc.) . I guess we might expect more True Power "oddities" in the vein of what happened to Moridin (Shai'tan doing what he wants with the TP used by a Chosen/Dreadlord, changing their weaves or their effects against their will/control), and DF suddenly pulled forcefully to do things against their will (suicide attacks, etc.). It's a limited mirror to ta'veren, and a way for Shai'tan to counter it. It's unlikely to reach the level of control Shai'tan has over Shaidar Haran, but it's a bit the same principle.

- Slayer's role and the reason why there's a Foretelling involved: The Grave (Shai'tan) is No Bar to My Call. The sounding of the Horn of Valere will rip apart Slayer, freeing Luc's soul to be called with the Heroes. Wait, why hasn't this happened in Falme exactly? Because Slayer was in the living world. When it is sounded again, Slayer will be in TAR about to do something... momentous (idea: the DO's control over his servants has increased as prophecies imply. Slayer might be Shai'tan's last vessel to act in TAR against Rand or Perrin, after he lost Moridin, Cyndane and Moghedien.

- What happens to the dead wolves killed again in TAR is important/relevant. Those souls fall in Shai'tan's direct control. This is why the DH are "special" (and changed). As soon as Shai'tan's power grew from enough seals having broken, he gained direct control of DH. The Legend of Old Grim leading packs is real: Shai'tan literally sees through their eyes and and they run at his will, and if they die, he "reforms" them. Only balefire kills them, because then Shai'tan loses control of the soul... Relevant how? Because it's what would happen to Rand if he died in the real world then was killed by ? (Slayer, SH?) in TAR: he would be Shai'tan's champion, his complete puppet, and nothing short of balefire or the Horn of Valere could free his soul.

- Expect a Darkhound recognizable by Perrin as Hopper to show up before the end...

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