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The central character to consider here is Gitara. In Caemlyn, the disappearences of both Luc and Tigraine were followed by whispers that Gitara was involved. Those servants; the upper class never pay attention to servants. We know more about Tigraine:
Amys, TSR ch34 p15/20:
An Aes Sedai called Gitara Moroso, who had the Foretelling, had told her that disaster would befall her land and her people, perhaps the world, unless she went to dwell among the Maidens of the Spear, telling no one of her going.
Which is practically confirmation that Gitara acted on a Foretelling. And of course we know the result: Rand, the Dragon Reborn, born on Dragonmount.

Luc has not told his side of the story to anyone, except possibly Thom, and the result is, and should be, in the future. All we can do for now is to look for cracks in his cover. Or wait for Jan 8, but that is cheating.

Remember, this is not a FBI game where the undercover agent must not do any real harm to innocent bystanders. This is an all-out struggle to save the world from eternal darkness. Luc has sacrificed his life for the cause, and he does not hesitate to sacrifice others. What would a british undercover agent in the SS do? Whatever his commanding officer in the SS told him to, most of the time.

There is a RAFO on Slayer and the Tower of Ghenjei, confirmation that there is a connection between Slayer and the Finns. And we know the trouble the DO went to, trying to make Padan Fain both obedient and independent. And failed. I'd say it is beyond the DO:s capacity to create Slayer. And yet he exists, someone or something created him.

@Zombie Sammael: You believe Slayer is all black, and yet he is one of your favourite characters? There is a bit of harlequin in Isam dealing with Perrin. Dangerous and amused. And white-and-black.

@Dom: Luc was in TAR in Far Madding. Isam was in TAR in Two Rivers because Luc was in the waking world; fair is fair. Then Isam fought Perrin in the Dreamspike episode. Egwene has seen both in TAR.

Hopper showing up is a possibility; I thought of predicting Slayer would hand over control of the Darkhounds to Perrin, but I prefer to stay within spitting distance of evidence. Mostly.
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