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Why Thom? I suggest a connection between Luc and Thom at the end of my first post.

Cracks in his cover? I explored what I see as the most important ones in the second half of my first post.

My whole point is that I belive Slayer is working undercover. I am entitled to argue from that position without having to repeat my core argument in every post.

Luc fooling Isam? Some misunderstandings, possibly, but I argue they share the mission to defeat the Shadow.

The RAFO is relevant because there would be no reason to return to the matter just to say there is no connection between Slayer and the Finns, not in the book.

What trouble did DO go to, making Fain what he was before Shadar Logoth? Fain has a great deal to say about that. Compare with how the Finns repaired Mat's memories.

I know of no evidence DO had anything to do with the bond between Rand and Moridin.

I stay out of trying to figure out how the Finns do what they do. Don't try to build time machines from the descriptions in time travel stories, either, I don't think the author knows how to do it. There has to be a limit, even to RJ.

WH ch22. After the assassination:
His patron of the moment was waiting for him. A man, he was sure of that much, but Luc could not look at him.
Slayer isn't human. Don't know what he is. Perrin has never identified a darkfriend by smell, has he?

Yes, I really think Luc and Isam are heroes of the Light. Wouldn't have launched this thread if I didn't believe my own argument.

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