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Assuming, for the sake of the argument, that RJ wanted to place an undercover agent in a trusted position close to the DO while hiding this from the reader, how would he go about it?

First, this is a long-term high-risk project, unlikely to be undertaken by a volunteer on his own initiative; there will have to be a Foretelling behind events. He will not say so directly, that would give everything away, but there should be some hint of a Foretelling.

Second, he will seek to vilify the agent as much as he can without crossing the border where we are left with no alternative but to accept the agent as a genuine, obedient servant of the DO. He will stay close, very close, to the borderline.

Third, he will leave a few clues. Not many, it's not supposed to be easy.

Fourth, he will have to make it possible. The DO appears to control the Forsaken by awe, fear and the promise of rewards, adding Oath Rods for the BA. We know he went to great lengths to ensure control over Fain without the use of Compulsion. We do not know what, if anything, he did to Slayer, but the Finns are the only agency we know of that might provide protection if the DO did do something to ensure obedience. The Finns will extract a price.


I do not forget Thom is talking to Taringail's half sister, more importantly I would expect Thom to have been very much aware of this, and much better prepared, if he was the killer.

You do not falsify my separarate memory hypothesis (not a theory, just a question, I am not even certain it matters). This is a Luc memory, he was there, looking, hearing and feeling, he just didn't control the hand or share Isams thoughts.

Imagine yourself in Slayer's position, 30 years of this nightmare, your life and your mission depending on always staying in character. You will have to compartmentalize, to be, on the surface, the DO servant you are supposed to be. I do not call him a Hero as a joke.
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