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Old 11-23-2012, 05:11 AM
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Default The Making of Slayer

In the AMOL prologue, BS practically begs us to reconsider one of his favourite characters, Slayer. The only one to take any notice, so far as I have found, is Gonzo in his Nitpicks thread:
Isam has a conscience. Interesting, that.
Would it have any significance, though?
What must BS make Slayer do, to get a real reaction? Juggling?

The Established Consensus about Slayer seems to be:

For some unknown reason Gitara Sedai sent Luc into the Blight.
For some unknown reason (some whispered seeking fame) Luc agreed to go.
In the Blight, Luc met Isam.
Somehow, the two were joined in a double body, Slayer.
For some unknown reason, Slayer went to work for the DO.
Slayer has served the DO faithfully ever since.
Then there is a handful of loose threads, but no one cares about those.

Against which I would suggest:

Following a Foretelling, Gitara Sedai sent Luc on a quest to find Isam (LOC ch16 p7/15).
Luc and Isam met in the Blight.
Seeking to learn more about what the Pattern needed from them, they went to the Finns, who gave them three cryptic answers and granted them three whishes:
- Immunity from any oath the DO might require
- Whatever else they most needed for their joint quest
- Safe return to their own world
Beware what you wish for. The Finns will have savoured the emotions when Luc and Isam realized how the Finns had fulfilled their wish.

Slayer offered his services to the DO, using the cover persona we meet in the Far Madding POV: Don't care who I kill so long as there's variety (not a quote). (WH ch 22 p18/19)
Serving well, killing many, Slayer rose to become the DO:s special gofer and killer. The DO gave him powers to increase his usefulness.

Slayer's quest

Slayer is where the Pattern needs him to be: working for the DO, with powers given him, in position to play his vital role in the Last Battle. And Luc volunteered, Gitara could not have forced him. Has any other character in fiction made a sacrifice like this?

For now he is biding his time, maintaining his cover and sabotaging the Shadow's effort when he is confident he can get away with it. And, in his spare time, harvesting wolf souls to build his own Darkhound army for Tarmon Gai'don.

I speculated in the Defeat of Moridin thread that Slayer's Darkhounds may help against Moridin, but Slayer himself has no known powers that would be useful here. He may use his unique ability to Travel into the Town or some other Stedding to free Lan and the Malkieri held captive with him - Yellowbeard came up with this to make sense of Lan's mad dash. Lan fighting alongside Isam would be a nice touch, and they could wreck havoc on the Shadow central command in a location where proud channelers would have to fall back on whatever swordsmanship they have bothered to learn - the Samma N'sei use only knives, apparently.
Samma N'sei have turned Aiel tradition upside down, lowering the veil to fight; make one of them gai'shain and a ferocious fighter, and channeler, will probably be yours for a year and a day.

At some point I hope Slayer will have the opportunity to kill Shaidar Haran, the closest anyone of the Pattern can come to kill the DO. He has earned that right.

Two Rivers

Cyndane and Isam confirms (AMOL prologue) that Padan Fain's plan to draw Rand to the Two Rivers was known to the Shadow, although a small force to kill Fain, escalated when Perrin unexpectedly showed up (Isam: TSR ch42 p5/18) seems closer to what we know happened. We do not know the timing, possibly Slayer was sent after the Gray Men failed to kill Fain, with Trollocs to deal with Fain's Whitecloak guards. The Trollocs may also have been sent to harrass Two Rivers on the remote chance this would attract or at least distract Rand, or just to comply with Fain's request for assistance to keep him unsuspecting. Perrins's arrival changed everything, killing him had been a priority since the Darkfriend social (TGH prologue).

Luc started teaching the villagers how to defend themselves, to have Trollocs killed and to protect bystanders - this is his beloved Andor, even if the villagers didn't know it - but then he was shocked to met Verin (TSR ch 33 p2/23) so he had to backtrack. He couldn't just leave, Verin might mention Lord Luc and his timely advice in her next rapport, he had to play the dilettante Hunter, full of unhelpful help, to make Verin discount the early praise as naive. Necessary, but it must have rankled to see the villagers turn to Perrin. Then Perrin raised the Manetheren banner, no wonder Luc hates him deeply (Isam, TOM ch 37 p6/20).

Having Isam lead Perrin to the Tower of Ghenjei the first time we meet him is below RJ:s usual standards for a clue, but he got away with it (TSR,Ch28 p8/12).

Isam appears confused about what had happened (AMOL prologue), he may not have understod Luc's actions. We know that the passive person can see and hear what the active person is doing, and sense emotions, but we do not know if Luc and Isam share thoughts and memories. And he may have faced contradictory orders at the time, Ishamael was killed just a few days before the Whitecloaks arrived in Two Rivers.

Far Madding

In Far Madding (WH ch 22 p18/19) we see Slayer on his day job, letting himself be used in Forsaken schemes while keeping the Boss informed. Cyndane talks about failures to kill Rand (AMOL prologue), presumably on Forsaken orders stopped by Ishamael/Moridin when Slayer reported in. Here, his patron is probably Moridin himself, testing his theory that Rand is so strong a Ta'veren he is practically invulnerable. Moridin is masked to test Slayer's loyalty, too, a test Luc passes because he, too, is confident Rand is invulnerable. Note Moridin's ham acting. Luc is good, though, his cover persona, honed during nearly thirty hard years to the point of schizofrenia, is designed to be laconic: I kill, why would I care who dies (not a quote).

No wonder if Luc, on some level, really did want to kill Rand, after all he had gone through for Rand´s sake. Min, too, Luc had his miserable life while Rand could live cosily with this lovely young woman.

The Darkhound Tracks

Rand wounded Padan Fain (WH ch32 p13/14) the day before Perrin found the Darkhound tracks (COT ch6 p4/15), suggesting Fain fled through the Far Madding Waygate, then left the Ways at the next gate. He was in no shape to deal with Perrin, so it may have been sensing Masema that drew him to the camp - Masema had been one of the soldiers guarding the knife and the Horn in Cairhien, he could be a Shadar Logoth carrier, certainly Masema's followers resemble Fain's Whitecloaks - then circled the camp to find a way to contact Masema while staying safely away from Perrin.

Slayer, patrolling the Waygates, saw that the tell-tale object he would have placed at the gate had been moved and released his Hounds. When the Hounds reached the camp, half followed Fain, the other half circled the camp the other way. When they met, they had Fain trapped.

Obviously, Slayer did not kill Fain and let the Hounds feast. Instead the two men reached an accommodation:

Slayer had the knowledge Fain needed to make Terez' theory Fain : Shadowspawn thief solid. Studying his prey, he had realized how Fain could help him have enough Trollocs killed to reduce the force available for the planned attack on Caemlyn: Sheriam had helpt heal Mat, Alviarin had seen Fain steal the knife and Verin knew about Fain and Machin Shin, a little tidbit she had no reason to withhold from her supposed masters.
Rand resting in Algarin's manor provided the perfect opportunity. Slayer did not worry about Rand; either because he knew how hard it would be to kill this stong Ta'veren or because Gitara's Foretelling or the Finn's answers made him confident Rand would live to play his role in Tarmon Gai'don. Just to play safe, he launched the attack without waiting for the mansion to close down for the night (KOD ch19 p10/18).


The man juggling with fire in Min's viewing of Thom (TEOTW ch15 p10/23) could be Luc. Thom's reaction when Moirane connected him with the death of Taringail (TSR ch17 p5/22) seems excessive for this experienced player, why would it matter after all these years? He was already under a death sentence for leaving the court to help Owen, yet he didn't even bother to use an assumed name. But it is not much of a stretch to assume Thom knew Luc, that Luc's unpleasant brother-in-law Taringail was a darkfriend, and that Luc, once he was trusted with access to the Shadow archives, found out and killed him.

Thom knows.

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