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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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    Interview: Oct 11th, 2005


    The guy in front of me asked about what accents the Seanchan have.

    Robert Jordan

    And RJ answered that the Seanchan have a southern accent, while the Illianers sound Dutch. He also mentioned that the Tairens have a Spanish accent.


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    Interview: Nov 1st, 1998 Chat (Verbatim)


    You mention different accents, like the Taraboner and Murandian, as well as the slurred speech of the Seanchan. Are any of these accents and dialects at all comparable to those in this world, and if so, which ones sound like which?

    Robert Jordan

    To some degree, some of them are like accents from this world. It would be a bit much to go into here to discuss which ones are like which. Let your mind go free.


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    Interview: Mar, 2000

    Paul Ward

    Possible question: Languages/accents?

    Robert Jordan

    Seanchan -> Texas accent. Two Rivers -> Irish/English accent. Illianers -> Dutch. Aiel -> somewhat Slavic. Tairen -> Spanish. Domani -> Indian. Saldaean -> Egyptian/North African.


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    Interview: Nov 5th, 2009

    Brandon Sanderson

    Other information that we gleaned from dinner included learning that Aviendha is the favorite out of the three in Rand’s “harem.” Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Pevara being awesome, but that could possibly appear in a novella on Brandon’s web page that will fill in some missing holes. But no promises! And one last interesting fact, in order to get the Illianer and Taraboner accents right, he wrote the book then went back and did a search for all the characters of those nations and then worked on their crazy accents.


    The Pevara novella was to be about the events at the Black Tower. Brandon later decided that the novella probably wasn't going to work. He got two chapters into Towers of Midnight, and the rest into A Memory of Light.


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    Interview: Sep 9th, 2010


    The Seanchan? How does their drawl sound?

    Brandon Sanderson

    Robert Jordan actually answered how the Seanchan are supposed to sound. They are actually Texans. Really, he actually said that. He came out and said in an interview they have a Texan drawl. I don't know, you know we're used to hearing Texan accents, or deep Texan accents, and so they're just natural to us. But perhaps someone who never has before would have problems. Like, I've been in other countries before where someone who's not native to the language—slightly different example but again, linguistics fascinate me—not native to the language who's learned to speak English listening to British English speakers will have a huge amount of trouble understanding American English speakers or vice versa. I was once in Korea and there was an extremely fluent Korean speaker of English that we were talking to, and someone came over as a friend who had a Boston accent which is very soft, you know, I don't even hear it. And the Korean could not understand him. He just could not understand a single word, just with that slight addition of an accent. So if you're not familiar with an accent it can actually play havoc with your ears. Sometime when you're not expecting it, try it, I guess, you have to find someone who's fresh out of Australia, or even better Tasmania because they actually tend to have thicker accents. And get a fresh Tasmanian right over, not having been over here long enough for the accent to weaken, and try and speak with them. You will have an eye-opening experience.


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    Interview: Mar, 2012

    Samuel Montgomery-Blinn

    Wayne's ability to mimic and create accents is used to great effect in the book, and Michael Kramer really shines in bringing these accents to life in the audiobook. Did you have a sense when writing the book that these could be challenging—and rewarding—scenes when read?

    Brandon Sanderson

    I certainly did. The thing is, I'm not good with talking in accents myself—I can hear them in my head, but I'm atrocious at trying to do them. So while I was writing the book, I was thinking in the back of my mind, "I really hope that poor Michael can pull this off." It was a lot of fun to write Wayne's accents. I'm writing in a world that isn't our world, but the Mistborn world is a bit of an Earth analogue. I intentionally used themes that make it an Earth parallel, which is different from my other worlds. So you can have a character who kind of has a light Cockney accent or something like that, but it's not our world so it can't exactly mimic that accent. So it's already a challenge in that respect. I do think Michael did a fantastic job.


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    Interview: Sep 2nd, 2012


    I was kind of wondering about the accents. I'm sorry if you've been asked this before, but I always sort of imagined that the Seanchan had like Texas accents. Is that right?

    Brandon Sanderson

    Yeah, he said Texan for Seanchan.


    Oh, okay. And the Aiel. Do they sound like Vikings?

    Jennifer Liang

    They sound Slavic. The accents is in the Wheel of Time FAQ, so if you go to, one of the articles there is, "What are the accents?", like what are their real world analogues, and so Seanchan is Texan—that's why I joke that my husband is Seanchan, because he is a Chinese-Texan that's got the accent; his name is James if you haven't caught that yet—and the Aiel are Slavic, Andor is British can't remember the others, and it's straight from Robert Jordan; someone wrote him a letter like back in '96 and asked like what are the accents, and so this person got a letter back, and they posted it to the Wheel of Time newsgroup that was like the main group for Wheel of Time discussion back then, and so [they put it in] the WoTFAQ because this was something that people had been asking about, so it's there.