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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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Padan Fain, Roommates With the Dark One

By aNewAge (Youngling) | Comments: 3

Let me preface the actual theory with my take on the nature of Fain/Mordeth/Mashadar:

There are countless ideas as to the nature of Fain, but all of them agree that he is something different. He is a manifestation of mankind, maybe our hate, as is indicated by the madness shortly before the fall of Aridhol. Mordeth was trying to fight the shadow with shadow-like tactics that ultimately resulted in a new reservoir of energy/force known as Mashadar.

I consider Mashadar a force created by mankind that can grow as long as some part of it remains. This can be seen in many scenes, most notably when Mat took the dagger, Rand destroyed Shadar Logoth, Morridin saved Rand, and other methods of dealing with Mashadar (Moiraine warding against Mashadar's tendrils). In each...

The Real Slayer

By Cabadrin (Youngling) | Comments: 4

This began as a comment to Fain: Shadowspawn Thief. The discussion had me convinced that Fain was necessary but not sufficient to move the estimated 100,000 Trollocs through the Ways to attack Rand's rest home in Tear. He could perhaps find Rand's location by sensing the direction from several Waygates and triangulating, but that seems far too intellectual for Fain and it would take time, even through the Ways. Time, too, to take control over this massive army, his powers had always been short range.

Imagine if he had shown up at the mansion with 100,000 Trollocs only to find that Rand left yesterday. Fain needed help, so I went looking for his patron. The answer proved more important th...

How the Bore Will Be Sealed

By Tremalking (Youngling) | Comments: 3

Sealing the Bore will require Rand, Mat, and Perrin because each is ta'veren. It is highly unusual for even one person to be ta'veren, and even more unusual for there to be more than one. The WoT series has revolved around all three characters, not just Rand, and both Mat and Perrin have developed unique and compelling skills in their own rights that merit consideration in the sealing of the Bore.

Short version of theory: Perrin finds the Song, Rand teaches it to the Aiel, the Aiel sacrifice themselves to 're-grow' the Pattern over the Bore by singing the Song, and Mat (and Rand) provide cover from the Shadowspawn.

Long version:

1. The 'Last Battle' is not the last for humanity or the Pattern, but the last for the War of Power

The Wa...

The Bore is in Tel’aran’rhiod

By Great Lord of the Dark (Hero of the Horn) | Comments: 6

This theory was formulated based on my observations during the reread, as documented at


The importance of Tel’aran’rhiod to the story is such that I believe it is pivotal to the Last Battle. I have concluded that the Bore which Rand must seal is in Tel’aran’rhiod.


Demandred stands in the Pit of Doom and thinks: Physically, this place was no closer to the Bore than any other in the world, but here there was a thinness in the Pattern that allowed it to be sensed.

The Bore is equally distant from every place in the world.


Callandor's Purpose

By RealAshaman (Youngling) | Comments: 63

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on this site, but I have been a long time reader. As we near the end of the series, the purpose of Callandor has begun to bother me. I looked through the theory index, and I didnt see my theory anywhere. If someone has already put this up, I apologize. Here it goes...

CK: During the War of Power, two huge Sa'angreal, one attuned to saidin and one to saidar, were constructed. The Choedan Kal were to be used to destroy the Shadow's forces and erect a barrier around Shayol Ghul until there was a safe method to permanently seal the Bore.

As an example of how powerful the CK is, this is an exerpt from Winter Hearts, by Cadsuane.

TITLE: Winter's Heart
CHAPTER: 35 - With the Choedan Kal

Rand and the True Power

By Zombie Sammael (Youngling) | Comments: 28

As of chapter 22 of TGS, Rand al'Thor appears to be capable of channeling the True Power, a feat previously only performed to our knowledge by Ishamael/Moridin in the current age, and by around 30 channelers in the AOL. It stands to reason to think that among these 30 were the 12 other Forsaken we know of in the current age, but as of the current end of the series, other than Moridin the only other Forsaken to have access to the TP is Graendal , and even then only a sliver. We don't know if she's used it, but if you put the power of darkness on a mantle piece in act 2, it stands to reason it'll go off in act 3, so if she hasn't she probably will in AMOL.

Most of what we know about the True Power comes from a couple of chapters of ACOS, and the prologue to TPOD where Moridin...

Caemlyn's Battle

By 1eyedfool (Youngling) | Comments: 9

A crucial subplot: the situation of Caemlyn at the beginning of "A Memory of Light".

1) The Borderlands invasions and the stategic importance of Caemlyn in the Last Battle

Anyone with knowledge of events in ToM - especially those that are happening somehow in the background - cannot see that taking Caemlyn is a crucial strategic target for the Shadow. This would not be so were the Borderlands secure, but they are not anymore. The four Borderland rulers went in their quest for Rand taking most of their armies with them, leaving very weak garrisons in their lands. Why they felt compelled to bring so much military power on that quest at the cost of leaving their...

Moghedien Raises the Dead

By Truthless (Youngling) | Comments: 2

I submit to you that it is Moghedien, not the DO, that brings the fallen forsaken back to life.

Argument #1 - She has the means:

We have yet to see how a forsaken is brought back to life. However, we have seen someone else brought into the pattern as a grown woman - Birgitte. And it was Moghedien who performed this feat. The primary arguement suggesting that this is a different situation is that Birgitte kept her body, while the forsaken seem to need new ones. But remember that Birgitte's body could not sustain her, and she was dying when she was brought into Randland.

From TFoH ch 35 (pg 563 softcover) Nynaeve healing Birgitte:

"It isn't working. There's nothing wrong with her to heal. She is as perfect as anyone can be. But she is dying. Oh, light,...

Breaking the Seals

By Kamaul (Youngling) | Comments: 3

We all know that Rand wants to break the seals. This theory is not about whether he will or not, but whether he should. For readability, I will put most of this in chronological order.

The first three seals were found broken; Domon, Turak, and Egeanin all handled an unbroken one, but none of them mentioned anything strange about the seals. The first to notice something was Nynaeve:

The Fires of Heaven: A Signal

"As much as she wanted to find out where Siuan Sanche wanted them to chase the Black Ajah next, the seal was the source of her haste to reach Tar Valon. Digging coins from one of the fat purses, she avoided touching the flat purse; the longer it remained in her possession, the more she wanted to hand it to the Amyrlin and be done wit...

Let me die forever!

By Kamaul (Youngling) | Comments: 1

Let me die forever!

Do you think I'm crazy? If you do, then great! I have your attention. Look at what has been seen as of yet.

To get an idea of what we are dealing with let us look at a few points about the Dark One. What do we know about the him?

1) The Dark One is bound outside of the pattern.

2) He was put there by the Creator at the moment of creation.

3) He is trying to shatter the Wheel of Time.

4) The result of this will be the End of Time. No more Ages. At least according to Moridin.

The Gathering Storm: A Place to Begin

"There is no path to victory," Moridin said. "The only path is to follow the Great Lord and rule for a time before all things end. The others are fools. Th...

The Unholy Trinity.

By tehm (Youngling) | Comments: 2

Thesis: "The Dark One", "Mashadar", and "Machin Shin" are allegorical unintelligent embodiments of metaphysical, human, and ...uhm, natural(?) evil and the ONLY evils which exist within the Wheel of Time.

Point 1: Machin Shin is an evil that is distinct (as defined by the author) from the "type of evil" attributed to either the dark one or Mashadar.We know machin shin has killed a ton of trollocs and fades per slayer and so probably isn't playing for that team. We know that it was afraid of Padan Fain implying it's probably not "the same" evil as him or else it would simply be copacetic with him (like for instance the fog was right before he knifes Al Thor). We further know that the evil of the taint and the evil of Mashadar are not the same because it is stated explicitly aft...

The Twice-Dawning Day

By terez (Hero of the Horn) | Comments: 111

For years, we have been trying to figure out how, exactly, a day can dawn twice.

TITLE - The Great Hunt
CHAPTER: 26 - Discord

Twice dawns the day when his blood is shed.
Once for mourning, once for birth.
Red on black, the Dragon's blood stains the rock of Shayol Ghul.
In the Pit of Doom shall his blood free men from the Shadow.

I have been relatively silent on this one for a while now because most of the theories about the twice-dawning day involve some very non-literal interpretations. For example, some think there will be an eclipse, or that the sun will be obscured by ash when Dragonmount erupts, but neither of these explanations involves the sun actually rising again, which is what the word 'dawn' explicitly i...

The Fight at Shayol Ghul

By Ashaman Leyrann Gaidin (Youngling) | Comments: 1

This theory is about what will happen at Shayol Ghul, until the point DIRECTLY before the actual sealing.

I have two parts to make this theory better readable. In the first part I will list the visions and prophecies fulfilled in the theory, the second part is the theory itself.

  • Callandor, held in a hand made of onyx, the part I started with when I created this theory.

  • Alivia will help Rand die.

  • Twice dawns the day when his blood is shed. Once for mourning, Once for birth. Red on black, the Dragon's blood stains the rock of Shayol Ghul. In the Pit of Doom shall his blood free men from the Shadow.

  • Two men will become one.

  • Rand will need the help of a woman dead and gone.

  • Nynae...

Wheel of Time: The Musical

By The Bards of Randland (Youngling) | Comments: 35

2011 JordanCon Loony Theory Winner

We hope you enjoy the following theory which received the overwhelming support of the Loony Theory Panel participants at JordanCon, 2011. I couldn't help but laugh and yet at the same time appreciate the creative zaniness of these Bards. - Tam.


We brought up this "loony" theory at JordanCon today and it was a fan favorite, so without further ado the Alsobrook Brother's present Wheel of Time: The Musical.

The Basic Premise:

The people of Randland will defeat the Dark One with the power of Song.

TITLE: Eye of the World, CHAPTER: 25 - The Traveling People

"That's why they travel," Elyas said, "or so they say. They're look...

Asmodean Knew Too Much

By Macster (Youngling) | Comments: 29

This may seem rather pointless now, knowing what we do from Towers of Midnight, but I think it worthwhile enough to bear out explicating the theory, seeing it is something I have never seen remarked upon anywhere else. I may be wrong, or it may just be so self-evident no one bothered to mention it, but I am a completionist and this point has always nagged at me since I first discovered all the various "Who Killed Asmodean?" theories out there.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with a quick recap of what we know so as to satisfy all the previous points which were always addressed in such things, via the excellent and comprehensive article on the subject from the WOTFAQ.

Graendal killed Asmodean. We know this, and we know it was her personally....

Saving the Aiel

By up2stuff (Youngling) | Comments: 1

Okay, this one is a loony theory, but it came to me literally as I woke up this morning. I will clarify/specify my sources later, as I cannot currently access my book, but I think that I can recall specifics closely enough to get this off the ground. I just read he concluding chapters of Towers of Midnight yesterday.

My theory about Rand and Avi's kids regards how they are tied to the Fate of the Aiel. Again, this is WAY out there, but bear with me.

I wonder if Rand and/or Aviendha will STILL their children, to save the People of the Dragon. The POV that we get from Avi's daughter (Her name is escaping me, sorry) is kind of scary in how amplified her teenage sense of invincibility is. "She checked that Saidar was in her mind, it's presence a comfort," or some such. We don...

The Importance of Tel'aran'rhiod

By gtatc (Youngling) | Comments: 16

On my last read through of WOT (a while ago--it was in prep for TGS), I ran across a section from The Dragon Reborn that for some reason, I found troubling. It comes in the chapter "A World of Dreams," (in the paperback version I have, the section is from pages 238 to 240). In short, the passage says, or SEEMS to say that in all the various worlds woven by the wheel of time, there are three constants: the creator, the dark one, and tel'aran'rhiod, and that moreover, if the DO is freed in any of the worlds, he is freed in all of them, and if he remains imprisoned in one, he remains imprisoned in all. Here's the relevant quote:

"There is one Creator, who exists everywhere at once for all of these worlds. In the same way, there is only one Dark One, who also exists in a...

Verin Compelled Alanna

By Macster (Youngling) | Comments: 27

In Winter's Heart, Chapter 13: Wonderful News, following a very amusing exchange regarding the pillow-friends Lady Ailil and Windfinder Shalon, Jahar Narishma arrives at Cadusane's room in the Sun Palace with the announcement that Alanna has collapsed. Considering the timing of events, I think it is safe to say the Green's incapacitation is due to Elayne, Min, and Aviendha bonding Rand. In any event, when they all arrive at Alanna's room, and Corele attempts to Heal her without success, a very unusual thing happens:

"Sorilea stared at the woman stretched out on the bed with no expression beyond a thinning of her lips. Cadsuane wondered whether she was reevaluating their alliance. Verin was staring at Alanna, too, and she looked absolutely terrified. Cad...

Nakomi's Soul Is Brown

By terez (Hero of the Horn) | Comments: 61


When I read the Nakomi scene, Verin came to mind immediately. I still read it skeptically, but it was like every time she spoke, I was more convinced it was Verin. I am pretty sure that this one will end up on the 'unrevealed' list, so I'm not really interested in arguing it much on the internet, but I figured I would lay out the evidence.

As to how she learned that Aviendha would be going to Rhuidean...there are a number of possible ways. She might have gone through the Rings of Rhuidean herself. If Sorilea really is a Darkfriend, she could have easily learned of it through her; Verin conferred with the Blacks in t...

Moridin - More than just Ishamael

By Seminoles (Youngling) | Comments: 43


The Dark One, The Dragon, Moridin, and those who walk in the Shadow.

What's really going on.

Brace yourselves, this is not theory that pulls from 1 or 2 references, but dozens. Only the true fanatical should read on.

I give you Moridin's true identity and the DO's plan.

My first clue came in ToM which lead me to dig deeper.

"And then, shall the Lord of the Evening come. And He shall take our eyes, for our souls shall bow before Him, and He shall take our lips, for only Him will we praise. And the Lord of the Evening shall face the Broken Champion, and shall spill his blood and bring us the Darkness so beautiful. Let the screams begin, O followers of the Shad...

Countering Saa

By Darkmessiah (Youngling) | Comments: 2

I've read many of the theories here and elsewhere and cannot find an idea that has been nagging at me for some time. The majority of people seem to be focused on deciphering who Taim is or who Demandred is, or trying their hand at figuring out the answer to some of the more puzzling prophecies and viewings. Please if you see someone commenting on the topics I'm going to discuss point me to them, because I cannot find them.

However, no one seems to have posed the question of how the Dark One's prison should be sealed, what tools Rand should use, who may have to help him, and how he can stop Saidin from being tainted as it was when Lews Therin attempted to seal the Dark One away. I believe that one of Lews Therin's more lucid moments coupled with one of the concepts that has arced ...

The Last Battle, Coming Full Circle

By SixPips (Youngling) | Comments: 2

There are many Theories on the Last Battle on this Forum, yet here is one I feel is very solid in its foundation and has a sense of RJ's poetic irony.

During book 12 Rand announced to Moridin that he was going to "Kill the Dark One." Something that Moridin considered monumentally stupid to say. However, Rand may eventually come to realize that he has come into contact with the Dark One's own Being once before, and has successfully annihilated it. This occured during Winter's Heart and it brought to mind several key points.

During Winter's Heart, Rand Cleanses the Taint from Saidin using a giant funnel of Saidar over the course of hours to pour every drop of Saidin into Shadar Logoth. The taint which is often referred to as "the Dark One's Backlash" when the Bore was closed...

Demandred's Rule is Secure

By Senbonzakura1 (Youngling) | Comments: 112

Well, after reading quite a few theories on here, I figured I might try my hand at one. A friend of mine and I came up with it about a year ago, and while I have seen some fans already speculate upon it, during my theory readings here I did not happen to come across it, so I shall now do so.

About a year ago (long before I knew this great site existed), a friend of mine and I were discussing WoT, just a casual conversation, and the subject of Demandred came up. I told my friend "Obviously Demandred is Taim, the physical similarities are there as well as personality." He then promptly told me that the late great RJ had disavowed this theory. My initial reaction was simply "...what?"

After that revelation, my mind begin to wander the vast scope of possibilities of who ...

The Last* Battle (* maybe)

By Homeschool (Youngling) | Comments: 112

For this, we'll begin with some basic points which are known to be true, and stretch beyond into some murky waters. There are patterns that are odd, which suggest that things are not as they seem, and that the Last Battle may not truly be the end.

Point: Ishamael and Lews Therin have been the champions through numerous turnings of the wheel.

Point: Ishamael changes his approach - sometimes keeping Lews Therin alive, sometimes trying to kill.

Point: The Dark One breaks free and is resealed with each turning of the wheel.

Point: During the failure of the Portal Stone, Rand witnesses many possible ways his life could have gone.

Point: Ishamael is an expert at playi...

The True Origins of Mazrim Taim

By NaeffOfDreams (Youngling) | Comments: 93

In Lord of Chaos, we are introduced to Mazrim Taim, an enigmatic character of dubious intentions who has defied every theory I've seen written about him. Mazrim Taim has been channeling for a long time. Sure, you can hold off the madness for awhile. I'll buy that; every channeler is different, etc., etc. Yet Taim shows knowledge and prejudices that no Third Ager should have. He knows Travelling, how to test for the ability to channel, and how to ignore heat and cold. These could be taught if he found the right person, but his famous "so-called Aiel" comment and his disdain for melee weapons (LoC Ch 11) are red flags, however. How can a lifetime's worth of prejudices be taught in a year and a half to two years? (My best estimate of how long the Forsaken have been freed at this point.)

Strings of the Shadow

By WinespringBrother (Hero of the Horn) | Comments: 25

The Dark One has been attempting for untold millennia to escape his prison. Why has he failed? Does he have a chance to succeed? What are his tools? What are his plans? This theory will attempt to show how the Dark One has been experimenting to bring about a way to unmake the pattern and free himself.

Note: I put quotes at the end of the theory as footnotes, for readability.

When the Seals weakened enough for the Forsaken to escape, they were dispatched throughout the world with specific orders. However, their main purpose was to be pawns and generals, and direct the Dark One’s forces and plans, since he has no physical presence in the Pattern. The Chosen themselves aren’t very relevant, since even while they have been ...

Birgitte is Valeria

By Great Lord of the Dark (Hero of the Horn) | Comments: 4

You don’t remember who Valeria is? Let me tell you of the days of high adventure...

In a 2003 interview the Creator said:

"when Tom Doherty got the rights to do the Conan novels, he needed the first one very fast so that it would come out the same time the movie came out. And he knew that I had once written a 98,000 word novel in 13 days. So he thought I could write something fast, and he was right, and I liked it. It was fun writing something completely over the top, full of purple prose, and in a weak moment I agreed to do five more and the novelization of the second Conan movie."

Robert Jordan was what I would call committed to the Conan franchise, even developing a timeline of every known Conan work, much as we Theorylanders h...

The True Nature of the Battle

By Homeschool (Youngling) | Comments: 50

Note: There is one small Towers of Midnight spoiler in this theory regarding the content of the first chapter that was released by TOR weeks ago. If you do not want to know, do not read this theory.

There are many theories and suppositions regarding the Last Battle, including those by characters in the books. It is stated by Ishamael that they misunderstand the nature of the conflict, and I believe that the same goes for most of us. Robert Jordan did not simply invent this world, he believed in it, and I expect that in the end, he will reveal his beliefs regarding the flaws in humanity and the world, and share his most precious belief - what he offers the world as what-could-be.

From the begin...

Egwene and the Crystal Throne

By Squocka (Youngling) | Comments: 28

Here is a Theory I started 2 years ago on a reread preparing for the release of "The Gathering Storm". I only wrote half of it and then Wotmania closed down and since I never went to any of the other WoT sites it got shelved. So since now Towers of Midnight may perhaps raise or ruin my theory I thought why not finish it now and actually check out the other Sites in the World of the Wheel.

It is all based on Egwene's dream in CoT:Ch20. I’ll put the Dream up First then go into the Detail.

She was struggling up a narrow, rocky path along the face of a towering cliff. Clouds surrounded her, hiding the ground below and the crest above, yet she knew that both were very far away. She had to place her feet very carefully. The path was a cracked ledge bar...

Masuri, Annoura and Masema's Shiny Dragon Man

By Luckers (Youngling) | Comments: 21

Ok, in this thread I'm going to try to offer an answer for two mysteries. Who is the Fake Rand who appears to Masema in tGS, and who are Masuri and Annoura meeting with in Masema's camp throughout KoD. It's somewhat convuluted, so bear with me.

Who are Masuri and Annoura Meeting With?

In KoD Masuri and Annoura (and Masuri's Warder) are seen within Masema's camp by Havier, one of the Cha Faile. The question is--who were they going to meet, and why?


Perrin believes they went to meet Masema himself, which stands to reason given that (to Perrin) he is the only figure in that camp worth an Aes Sedai's attention--the rest all being rag tag zealots. Yet this ...

Fain: Shadowspawn Thief

By terez (Hero of the Horn) | Comments: 62

Warning: longtheory is long. However, if you are familiar with the passages that I have quoted from the books, then the theory itself isn't all that long. For those who are less familiar with those passages, I have bolded what I think are some particularly important bits for easy skimming. I do recommend reading all of the quotes in full, though...there are good tidbits in all of them. I will give my interpretation of the quotes, but for the most part, I like to let RJ's words speak for themselves. And Brandon's too, of course. I feel a bit like I am going great lengths to state the obvious here; I have been surprised since Knife of Dreams that the old hats of the fandom are in general so resistant to this idea. Since The Gathering Storm, that resistance is even mor...

Linking the Prophecies: The LB, the Great Battle and Rands Death/Survival

By Scaw (Youngling) | Comments: 57

1. Introduction
1. 2 Guidelines for interpretation
2. What's up with all the blood?
3. Can Rand survive the Last Battle?
4. Rands funeral
5. Conclusion
6. What is to come
7. A note about babies


For me it does not really make sense to write a synopsis, but those who want to know what my conclusion is can read section 5 and section 6 first.

Prophecies & foretellings can obviously be interpreted in many different ways. RJ wrote the prophecies based on what he decided will happen. So the more prophecies relate to the same event, the more likely it is to understand how the event will unfold if you combine different prophe...

The Hunt for the Horn

By Linda (Youngling) | Comments: 26

My theory explains how Verin delicately guided Egwene to contact the person in the Tower who Verin trusted with the knowledge of the location of the Horn of Valere.

Verin hid the Horn cleverly even to get it to the Tower:

"The Horn of Valere" she (Siuan) gasped. "You brought that all the way here, across hundreds of leagues, with the Hunters looking everywhere for it? Light, woman, it was to be left with Rand al'Thor."
"I know, Mother," Verin said calmly, "but the Hunters all expect to find the Horn in some great adventure, not in a sack with four women escorting a sick youth.

- The Dragon Reborn, The Amyrlin Seat

So when Siuan told Verin to hide it away without telling anyone:

"For the mo...

Sorilea is a Darkfriend

By terez (Hero of the Horn) | Comments: 57

This is not my theory - the idea was first mentioned on the 13th Depository forums after the release of The Gathering Storm - but I thought it would be a good idea to get all of the evidence for the theory together in one place for easy linking, and to introduce the theory to those who follow Theoryland but might not have considered it.

I didn't consider it, even after reading the book (and apparently, neither did Cadsuane), but now that the idea has been brought to my attention, I realize that it's probably true. If it is true, then Sorilea is probably the most powerful of the unrevealed Darkfriends; her influence among the Wise Ones is almost unchallenged.

Sorilea is first intr...

The Price He Must Pay

By Shaltilyena (Youngling) | Comments: 5

Sorry if it's not as detailed as I'd like it to be, but it's my first one :p

Okay, I've been thinking for a while about that damn prophecy I found so cool I learned it :p

Twice and twice shall he be marked.
Twice to live, and twice to die.
Once the heron, to set his path.
Twice the hero, to mark him true.
Once the dragon, for rememberance lost.
Twice the dragon, for the price he must pay.

Even though I never really understood how the first heron set his path, the 2nd and 3rd part are mostly explicit. But there comes the price he must pay.

The most interesting part is that the hand Rand lost is on his left arm, which is the arm other clan chiefs are marked on. Which led me to believe that the p...

Shai'tan and the Great Serpent, One and the Same.

By RichardFife (Youngling) | Comments: 16

Do I have your attention? Do you think I'm crazy? Well, take a trip down this rabbit hole with me, then. A few weeks ago was JordanCon, where I was hanging out and talking with Team Jordan one-on-one quite a bit, and collecting interviews that shed light on information in ways that simple Q&A sessions don't. If you haven't checked out the official interviews I did over on, you might want to. There is insight to be gleaned by those who would dig.

Anyway, so I have all this rumbling around in my head, and then one day not long ago, I am looking at my car's bumper, where I have the Wheel-and-Serpent bumper sticker I got at the Charleston The Gathering Storm signing. As I look at it, my eyes start tracing the Great S...

Gawyn Will Kill Rand

By terez (Hero of the Horn) | Comments: 66
The title might seem rather random and strange to some people. Maybe most people. But I was writing a post on 'dead yet lives', because I'm pretty confident about my theory on that subject (though it might be a red herring to detract from....something), and that led me to write about the Battle of Caemlyn, because according to Nicola's Foretelling, it all seems to tie in together (and many thanks to Dominic and Linda of 13th Depository - the former formerly so - for bringing the Battle of Camlann to my attention, or my brain would certainly never have gone here).

In the process of writing those two, this little the...

Seed Singing the Pattern Shut

By Anonymous (Rank Unknown) | Comments: 37
Hello all - First time poster. Maybe someone has already suggested the following theory, but if so, I haven't come across it.

Also: *SPOILER ALERT* This theory draws on facts revealed in the Gathering Storm.

This theory is very long, so I will provide quick synopsis so you can decide if you want to keep reading:

In a nutshell, my theory about how the books will end is this: Rand will gather the Aiel, the Tinkers and the Ogier around Shayol Ghul. After breaking the remaining seals, he will lead these groups in a giant Seed Singing (as seen in tSR) that will begin regrowing the Pattern over the Bore. His armies, the Asha'man, the Aes Sedai and the Seanchan will defend the Singers from the Trolloc hordes. When the Bore is nearly shut, Rand himsel...

The True Nature of Ishamael

By ceallen (Youngling) | Comments: 13

My theory concerns the true nature of Ishamael. I will start off by quoting Moghedien.

"The other sounds like Ishamael, to me. All his pride at being only half-caught, whatever the price - there was always was less human left in him than any of us when I saw him again; I think he half believed he was the Great Lord of the Dark - all his three thousand years of machinations, and it comes to an untaught boy hunting him down."

- The Shadow Rising, ch 46. p771

My main concern highlighted here is: 'all his pride at being only half-caught, whatever the price.' This just showing a generally recognised fact that Ishmael is only 'half-caught'. Now we know that Ishamael has been roaming around since the breaking and was not fully sealed in th...

How Can a Day Dawn Twice?

By fooster (Youngling) | Comments: 7

The Wheel of Time. It is driven by the two halves of the one power. In other words the two opposites abiding in the same moment and location in space time generates the momentum that causes the Wheel to spin out its will which is reflective of its nature or in fact the creator's nature.

The name of the series is the Wheel of Time because the story is about its turnings. It's not about Dragons and Aes Sedai and the Dark One. They are all players on a bigger stage. Just as a main character in a play is not the entire play. In LoC ch 18, RJ reveals some clues as to how the final chapters will end, sort of a vague outline of it all. In this chapter Herid Fel explains that the Prison has to be returned to its original state before it was drilled. In essence, returned to the state w...

Taim is Be'lal's Protege

By vergere6 (Youngling) | Comments: 14

Mazrim Taim, M'Hael (self-titled), and the man in charge of the Black tower, has been behaving strangely ever since he came on the scene.

He first appeared in Lord of Chaos, suspiciously in possession of one of the seven seals on the Dark One's prison.

Lord of Chaos
Chapter 2, a New Arrival

Rand studied Taim as the man and his escort crossed the courtyard. At least fifteen years older than himself; thirty-five, then, or a few years more at most... since the Breaking, most men who channeled had the ability born in them, ready to spring out as they grew into manhood. Some managed to keep madness at bay for years before Aes Sedai found and gentled them; others were already hopelessly mad when found, at times less than a year after first touchin...

The Return of the Nym

By ReDragon (Youngling) | Comments: 9

1) Nym - Giant plant-like beings numerous during the Age of Legends and used to facilitate growing crops.

2) Someshta dies, and then 'transfers' his life essence into an acorn as follows

Title : The Eye Of The World
Chapter : Meeting at the Eye

With a groan like a limb breaking under too great a weight, the Green Man crashed to the ground. Half his head was charred black. Tendrils of smoke still rose from him, like gray creepers. Burned leaves fell from his arm as he painful stretched out his blackened arm to gently cup an acorn.

The earth rumbled as an oak seedling pushed up between his fingers. The Green Man's head fell, but the seedling reached for the sun, straining. Roots shot out and thickened, delved beneath the ground and...

The Seals and the Prison

By ReDragon (Youngling) | Comments: 67
Okay heres my first full blown theory.

I haven't read all the theories, but in the relevant sections I haven't found this one, but if its there my apologies.

Basic principles;

The seals must all be broken

The prison holding the DO must be destroyed

A new prison must be constructed around the DO

Starting with the seals.

We know that the weakening seals are allowing the DO to touch the world more and more as more seals are broken. Witness the drought, ghosts, the thinning of the pattern allowing hallways to vanish like in the WT and Tear / Andor Caemlyn, the lessening of the ability of Saidar in keepings.

Title : Knife of Dream, Chapter : Honey in the Tea

"There was one thing she could do for them: comfort them. Impossible a...

The Fisher Connection

By 77jester (Youngling) | Comments: 8

Throughout the series are countless references to Rand's tragic death. (There's no reason to quote them just check any other theory.)

We also have references that hint at Rand's possible survival or resurrection. (Also no reason to quote.)

I find it hilarious reading the different arguments, theories, and stubborn insistence on what is correct, since both views are completely ignoring the parts of the books that don't agree with their view, but I don't want to open up that debate again, I want to explore a new option that I don't think anyone else has put to writing yet.

I believe that normally what happens in the WoT over and over again, because it is endlessly repeating itself, is that the Dragon is Reborn, Arrives at Shayol Ghul, Dies in victory over the Shad...

Serving the Great Lord is morally OK? Or how I learned to stop worrying and love Ishamael

By Anonymous (Rank Unknown) | Comments: 10
Hi (again) after four years. (My previous theory is here). Recently remembered about WoT, read CoT and KoD and thought up what I think is a valid justification for going over to the dark side.

This is a rather long theory so let us break it up into several parts, which we will consider separately.

1) What is the Wheel of Time?

a) it doesn't exist

b) it is finite

c) it is infinite

2) Can the DO break free in principle?

a) yes

b) no

3) What will happen if he does?

a) destruction of the Wheel and total oblivion

b) 'Dark Ages' where the world is full of evil and a good 'Creator' figure takes the DO's place, while the DO becomes non-interventi...

Tarmon Gaidon Break Down.

By GamblersDice (Youngling) | Comments: 16
First off I want to say this concerns only Tarmon Gaiden itself. Not the events leading up to it. Not the rushing for more troops. Just the battle itself.

As for where it occurs. most likely in and along the Blight. By my count the humans have Trollocs so HUGELY outnumbered the only way it can be a fair fight is if its in the blight where a touch can kill and the Trollocs have all the advantages.

As for tactics the blights mostly hostile so maps are sketchy at best and frankly everyone knows where they're going.

Step A) get in the blight

Step B) Head North

Step C) Arrive at an unholy Bastion of Darkness where:

1: you're late we've already won join the celebrations

or 2: Your not late, get slaughtered by Shaidar Haran.

Now then we c...

Tarmon Gai'don Uncovered

By irerancincpkc (Youngling) | Comments: 16
Hello, everyone. This is my first theory.

The reason for this theory is to try and figure out what exactly is going to happen at the event that this whole book series has been gunning towards since the first line of The Eye Of The World: Tarmon Gai’don. To do this, I am dividing this theory into three parts. Part One will be about what gets Tarmon Gai’don rolling. Part Two will be Tarmon Gai’don itself, and Part Three will be what happens after Tarmon Gai’don.

Part One – Pre Tarmon Gai’don

One of the major problems people have with Rand is he is hard to get moving, especially since Moiraine died. So the question becomes, how does he get moving, into Tarmon Gai’don mode? And, just as important, how is he going to figure out how to...

Lews Therin and Dragonmount

By Thel Dranmar (Youngling) | Comments: 23
Lews Therin and Dragonmount

WARNING: This is my first theory (indeed the only reason I joined was so I could post this theory) so please bear with me.

I thought of this while rereading the prologue to teotw. This prologue has always stood out to me as having lots of hidden information. It is before the current age, the only time Lews Therin is actually alive, and RJ has always said he knew how it would end before he started writing. This (especially the last part) has always made me figure that a hint of the end would be hidden in the beginning.

So in the prologue you have Lews Therin, crazy, just destroyed his home and his entire family. Then you have Elan Morin Tedronai, Betrayer of Hope, Ishmael, and later Moridin (anybody else notice the middle name? Morin –> Mo...

Let's Flog Some Dead Horses...

By Theo Rhetorical (Youngling) | Comments: 31
It seems to me that a big part of the answer to this mystery hinges on chronology.

Who knew what when?

Who was where when?

First, some background:

-Lanfear devises a plan to capture Rand with a small linked circle of other Forsaken by luring him into attacking Sammael. This plan is proposed and ( more or less ) agreed to in the Prologue to FoH.

But, how was it supposed to work?

Enough clues were to be planted and enough information was to be leaked that even a simple farmboy from the sticks would be sure to realize that Sammael had taken over Illian.

Okay, so Rand attacks, then what? Things are likely to get really messy once that happens.

It seems obvious that Sam didn't go to all the trouble of building his powerbase someplace ju...

Bonds, links and the Dragon reborn

By vardene (Youngling) | Comments: 21
Bonds, links and the Dragon Reborn.

As the finale draws nearer, i believe we ought to have an understanding and concensus on issues central to the series. In putting this together, i have reduced quotes to the barest minimum to keep it short and readable.The topic itself is common throughout the series and i believe most of us need only a few reminders. However it is a theory, and up to each TLer to decide what to accept and what not. Whatever your views, have fun. My thanks to Tam for his assist.

There are many types of links among channelers in the series. Some are bonds, others not. They include;

(1) Rings or circles (R) :these are the oldest known as far back as AOL.. (2) Warder bond(WB). (3) Ashaman bond (AshB) (3) Aiel sister bond (asb) (4) The suldam/adam/daman...