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    Interview: Jul 19th, 2005

    Week 8 Question

    When a person that can channel is shielded, where is the shield placed? Is it placed around the whole body of the person or around the head of the channeler where they sense saidin/saidar? If you are shielded from the One Power, are you also shielded from the True Power? What happens if someone in a circle is shielded? Can a Warder feel that his Aes Sedai is shielded?

    Robert Jordan

    A shield exists both as a barrier around the entire person and as a single point along with everything in between. (In a way, this is like the Bore, which does not actually exist as Shayol Ghul. The Bore exists everywhere, but Shayol Ghul is the place where it can best be detected. Which is not to say that there is any connection between the Bore and a shield. Both simply exist in different states simultaneously.) Someone who is shielded and trying to get past the shield can "feel" their way along its inner "surface" hunting for weaknesses, such as the points that indicate where the shield is being maintained or has been tied off. Shielding against the One Power will indeed stop someone from reaching for the True Power. It isn't possible to shield one person out of a circle since, in effect, the circle has become a single person for the purpose of channeling. You would have to shield the entire circle, which would require either a circle of your own or a pretty hefty sa'angreal. A Warder cannot feel that his Aes Sedai has been shielded, though he would be aware of any agitation on her part. But this would tell him no more than that she was agitated.


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    Interview: 2010

    Leth Filorn (13 August 2010)

    Could thirteen Aes Sedai linked shield Rand while he was channeling using Callandor? What about with Choedan Kal at full power?

    Brandon Sanderson (13 August 2010)

    I think I'm going to MAFO those. (Which means email me, say I said I'd ask Maria, and we'll add them to her list.)

    Brandon Sanderson

    I'm pretty sure of the answer, but I don't want to take the time to sort though the notes and look it up for certain while editing.

    Maria Simons

    I really don’t think so, for either, but I cannot find it specifically stated.


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    Interview: Oct 9th, 1996


    Ask what the deal is with Nynaeve being able to hold half the power as ten sisters with a sa'angreal but not being able to handle two pussy little Black Ajah by herself.

    Robert Jordan

    Some people have shielding talents.


    This is similar to Greebs' question, but from a slightly different angle: How much stronger do you have to be to forcibly shield someone else who is already holding the One Power? Is it different for men than for women, or for heterosexual shielding? If the answer is only a little stronger, then ask him how come Nynaeve couldn't shield Elayne in A Crown of Swords, Chapter 21 (Swovan Night)? Also, how much weaker can you be and still be able to hold a shield on someone, Berowin excepted?


    He did not use a "real scale" for One Power stuff. You just have to be stronger. Mostly handwaving. Consider the Kin. The woman who is very weak but has a real Talent for shielding.


    On the second answer: RJ indicated in Sweden in 1995 that he does use a 21-graded scale to keep track of channeler strength.

    The first answer appears to be an Aes Sedai answer (avoiding the question). The real answer (at least, the answer that is consistent with the rest of the books) is that RJ probably used a bit of hyperbole in the scene where Mat was Healed in The Dragon Reborn (or rather, Nynaeve did, and she even caught herself...but RJ wrote it in such a way that left room for doubt whether she was amazed at her arrogance or at her potential strength).

    The woman with the shielding talent, at least as far as we were shown in A Crown of Swords, was in the Kin (Berowin), and not one of those holding Nynaeve when they went after the Bowl (Falion, who got away, and Ispan, whom they captured). They were linked, and they waited until Elayne went upstairs with most of the Kin, then caught Nynaeve off-guard while she wasn't already holding the Power, and they (rightly) believed the remaining Kin wouldn't interfere. (Erica noted when I interrogated her about this report that these were all quick questions which he answered while signing books, so he was probably too distracted to explain properly—all indications are that he truly enjoyed explaining such things when he had the leisure to do so, and that he also would have gladly admitted to the hyperbole so long as he had time to address the rest.)

    I think one of RJ's main points in that scene was that Mat, not being able to see the weaves, wouldn't have any idea what was going on, and therefore neither should we, really. RJ even called our attention to this phenomenon in the battle between Moghedien and Nynaeve at the end of The Shadow Rising:

    "A man who came in then, or any woman unable to channel, would have seen only two women facing each other across the white silk rope from a distance of less than ten feet. Two women staring at one another in a vast hall full of strange things. They would have seen nothing to say it was a duel. No leaping about and hacking with swords as men would do, nothing smashed or broken. Just two women standing there. But a duel all the same, and maybe to the death."

    The scene in A Crown of Swords was a way of exploring that phenomenon. Presumably Nynaeve was strong enough to break the shield, but it was close enough that it came to a fight much like the Moghedien fight. Meanwhile, Nynaeve says aloud that Falion and Ispan are linked, and she chastises the Kin for not helping her. That tells us all we need to know.


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    Interview: Oct 24th, 1998

    Justin Howell

    I asked why Elayne thought even a Forsaken couldn't break the shield Adeleas and Vandene were holding on Ispan, expecting the answer that Elayne is clue-impaired.

    Robert Jordan

    The correct answer is that holding a shield on someone depends not only on relative strength and fatigue, but also on whether the shield is held by channelers of the same sex as the victim. Thus two women (Adeleas and Vandene on Ispan, or Ispan and Falion on Nynaeve in A Crown of Swords) can hold another woman, but three women just get severed if they try to shield Rand. As a curiosity, it is also possible for multiple people to hold a shield without linking, but this is less strong and less precise, producing basically a layered shield.


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    Interview: Nov 10th, 2000

    Brandon Downey

    Then, I asked my question, which concerned the Warder bond and the stedding.


    What happens to an Aes Sedai's Warder bond if she enters a stedding? Can she still detect it? What if I tie off a weave, and enter a stedding? If the weave vanishes, will it reappear when I leave? If it won't reappear, why can't shielded/tied channelers such as Asmodean or Liandrin simply enter a stedding to have their shield dissolved?

    Robert Jordan

    No, of course not. An Aes Sedai would still be able to detect her Warder in the stedding.

    Brandon Downey

    Then, I asked about going into the stedding with a weave of illusion tied on you:

    Robert Jordan

    The weave would go away, and would not come back when you left.

    Brandon Downey

    Then, of course, I asked: "Why couldn't Asmodean, or Lanfear, or someone else with a tied off shield go into a stedding and get themselves freed?"

    Robert Jordan

    No. That's different.

    Brandon Downey

    So, that's a confusing set of answers. Why is it that when shielded, the bond to your Warder can become faint enough that you don't notice it, whereas in the stedding it's just fine? Why is it that weaves that don't depend on you drawing the One Power don't work, but Wells do? And, why do shields (which are a species of a weave) that are tied off not subject to this constraint?


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    Interview: Feb 26th, 2003 Q&A (Verbatim)


    Can someone channel from a Well while they are shielded?

    Robert Jordan

    Yes, they could. If they had the Well.


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    Interview: Sep 2nd, 2005


    Can you shield someone who is in Tel'aran'rhiod by shielding their sleeping body?

    Robert Jordan

    If you are injured in Tel'aran'rhiod it will be transferred to your body, but not vice versa. Shielding someone in Tel'aran'rhiod will shield the body, but shielding the body is not transferred to Tel'aran'rhiod. They can channel in Tel'aran'rhiod, but of course when they come out, they are shielded.


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    Interview: Oct 28th, 2005

    Jason Wolfbrother

    Can you shield dreams for someone else?

    Robert Jordan