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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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    Interview: 2010

    Felix Pax (10 August 2010)

    One of Tuon's Conflicts, is will she 'protect' the Tinkers from harm and keep her word? Or is Tuon loyal to the a'dam?

    Brandon Sanderson (10 August 2010)

    Tuon is loyal, so far, to the a'dam. In her mind, leashing Tinkers who could channel would be 'protecting' them.


    Now, how that might change based on interactions with Aes Sedai—and the true secret of sul'dam—is still uncertain.


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    Interview: 2010

    Luckers (12 August 2010)

    Is it possible to force someone (a learner) to start channeling?

    Brandon Sanderson (13 August 2010)

    Almost anything is possible, under the right circumstances.


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    Interview: Sep 3rd, 2005


    Since sul'dam have abilities normally associated with channelers only, do they also slow?

    Robert Jordan

    No, not unless they actually begin to channel. Slowing is a function of actually channeling. If you have the ability to learn, and you never learn to channel, you are not going to slow, you will age at a normal fashion. Sul'dam are women who can learn and as they develop the affinity, as they have been doing this for a little while, they begin to slide toward the ability to channel, but they never step over. I believe I have someone say that one of these women felt almost as if she should be able to channel, but not quite. They are getting closer and closer to the brink but they will never step over without conscious effort.


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    Interview: Sep 2nd, 2005


    Then I couldn't hear any other questions and I went back in line. I could only ask him one question. It's a discussion we had on Theoryland a while ago. Can the a'dam hold every sul'dam?

    (He managed to get my question after a few times repeating it. I'll leave that out). Frenzy, you were right. (I hope I remember your stand on this issue correctly.)

    Robert Jordan

    The a'dam can only hold sul'dam who have been sul'dam for a long time and so wearing the bracelet for a long time. Four months for example isn't enough. He said the circle helped them get to the point that's described in the book, as being on the brink of being able to channel, one foot stepped over or something. (Quotemasters, please find that quote for me.)


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    Interview: Oct 5th, 2005

    Robert Jordan

    For kcf, again, we have never met anyone who has the Talent of emulating the effects of a ta'veren over a small area.

    I give my input on the design of the chapter icons whenever a new one seems needed, but Harriet actually decides where to place them, and I am happy to leave the job to her.

    Yes, Ingtar was seen at the Darkfriend Social.

    The Wheel creates ta'veren at need, making someone who is already alive one. You aren't born ta'veren. Can you imagine being around a ta'veren who is teething?

    It would be possible for a Darkfriend or Forsaken to be made ta'veren, but it seems unlikely. Ta'veren are part of the Wheel's self-correcting mechanism. When the Pattern seems to be drifting too quickly, and especially if it is in the wrong direction, one or more ta'veren are created. I can't really see how making a Darkfriend or Forsaken ta'veren would help with correcting the drift of the Pattern.

    Ta'veren can oppose one another, when their conflict is what the Wheel "sees" as the necessary corrective. And, no, ta'veren is not Old Tongue for Deus ex machina. It came out of musings on luck, charismatic leaders, and the theory of the indispensable man.

    Katerine escaped with the help of Darkfriends. Galina, who is much more closely watched by Wise Ones than Katerine was, would have little opportunity to use their help for an escape even if she wanted to, and she doesn't, not until she can get her hands on that rod. She'll put up with anything to get that.

    Anyone who can channel, however weakly, can see the glow of saidar and feel someone channel. For sul'dam who have been sul'dam for a time, some begin to be able to see what might be called a ghostly image of the flows. Others convince themselves that this is, of course, only imagination and manage to give themselves a block.

    Wow, you have a lot of questions. One more, and then I'm off to the next person.

    Someone who sees ta'veren sees them as glowing. The more strongly ta'veren, the brighter the glow. This is a Talent, and is something that only someone who can channel can do. While she was stilled, Siuan could not see ta'veren, nor could she have if she had been burned out.


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    Interview: Oct 28th, 2005


    But what I DID get to ask, was this: Can a person who hasn't actively channeled yet be severed or stilled?

    Robert Jordan

    Jordan's response (paraphrased) "No, you have to have something to take away something, so a person has to have an active connection to the Source to be able to have it cut."


    Oh, the mayhem I can have with this little nugget.

    small: This explains why the Reds haven't summarily tried to gentle every boy at birth or every man by 30.

    big: If it takes an active link to the Source to slow, or to be stilled, then what about all those other attributes that sul'dam gain with use of the a'dam? Where do they come from? How did they get there?

    bigger: Is it possible that those attributes are NOT directly linked to the Source? Could it be merely the exposure to the One Power that gives sul'dam that ability? What about a Warder? Could a same-sex non-channeling warder develop those attributes over time?

    I need sleep now, I'll ponder this more later.


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    Interview: Nov 22nd, 2005

    Robert Jordan

    For kcf, Tuon is stating a misbelief, really, a Seanchan urban folk tale, if you will. The Seanchan no longer know about Foretelling—though they are beginning to hear reports—but they have memories of the knowledge, you might say. There memories have gotten twisted into the widespread belief that any damane can tell your fortune. This belief is strengthened by the fact that some damane actually can Foretell, and more of them than on "this" side of the Aryth Ocean, a facet of sul'dam remaining in the breeding pool with the result that there are a higher percentage of women who potentially could channel among the Seanchan than on the Eastern side of the ocean. And also a higher percentage of many Talents.


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    Interview: 2001

    Thus Spake the Creator (Paraphrased)

    Question (The One Power, the True Power, and channeling)

    Are there any channelers on the Seanchan continent that suffer from an emotional block like Nynaeve had?

    Robert Jordan

    Read and find out.


    (I asked this question to support my theory that the sul'dam have an emotional block, but I forgot that there are probably some damane who suffer from it as well which increased the chance to get a RAFO.)


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    Interview: Jan 12th, 2011


    Seanchan woman go through annual testing till 24; Fortuona is 21-22. Is she still tested?

    Brandon Sanderson

    As Empress I don't know. I get the impression she could do as she pleased.


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    Interview: Feb 9th, 2013


    While collared, would Moghedien be able to use her dreamwalking abilities to compel a sul'dam or someone else to release her from the collar?

    Brandon Sanderson

    Brandon answered (paraphrasing again) that that is not outside the realm of possibility.


    In 2013, Maria stated that there was nothing in the notes on this, but she believes one cannot touch Tel'aran'rhiod while collared.


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    Interview: Apr 20th, 2013


    So, sul'dam usually have to tell the damane what to do, but Tuon doesn't have to do that when we see her in Knife of that a matter of Talent, skill...something else? So it's like, you know, after they work with the Power for a while, they can see the weaves, right? Is it kind of along the same lines? After a while you don't actually have to tell the damane what to do; you can do it yourself through the damane?

    Maria Simons

    That would be my assumption. I don't know it positively.