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My Predictions:

The "my predictions" page includes the following:

Predictions Summary
This is a simple summary of the total number of predictions you have submitted that have been accepted and posted. Also, we have included a link to your last prediction and the date when it was posted.

Posted Predictions
As the quantity of predictions increases, paging through them to find yours will take more time and patience than is necessary. This handy tool allows you to view all of your predictions, listed alphabetically (to organize multiple predictions for the same character.) Each prediction is linked so you may go directly to your predictions at any time.

Pending Predictions
Once again, we want you to know that we received your prediction and that it is under review. We usually require up to 48 hours to review your predictions. If you have been waiting any longer than that time we invite you to contact us and let us know you are waiting. We hope you won't have the need to contact us very often.

As we develop the "my predictions" page from your feedback, we will continue to add additional features to improve your member experience.

Below is an example of the "my predictions" page:

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