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armon Gaidon Break Down.

by GamblersDice: 2007-09-02 | 2 out of 10 (4 votes)

Recent Categories: How Will It End?

First off I want to say this concerns only Tarmon Gaiden itself. Not the events leading up to it. Not the rushing for more troops. Just the battle itself.

As for where it occurs. most likely in and along the Blight. By my count the humans have Trollocs so HUGELY outnumbered the only way it can be a fair fight is if its in the blight where a touch can kill and the Trollocs have all the advantages.

As for tactics the blights mostly hostile so maps are sketchy at best and frankly everyone knows where they're going.

Step A) get in the blight

Step B) Head North

Step C) Arrive at an unholy Bastion of Darkness where:

1: you're late we've already won join the celebrations

or 2: Your not late, get slaughtered by Shaidar Haran.

Now then we consider the major players left in the game.

Forces of Light Forces of Darkness

Rand Dark One

Mat Shaidar Haran

Perrin Hunter

etc. (I just realized how very many there are O_O)

For the forsaken one or two are probably gonna get knocked out of the running before Tarmon Gaidon, I think the Gholam will too (he almost has to or it's an auto win for forces of darkness. So long as he runs away from Mat he can kill everyone else and no one else can scratch him.)

Okay in the battle itself we might as well face it. The Forces of light have three main contenders (The ta'veren) and a lot of distractions. Don't get me wrong. The Asha'man, Aes sedai and assorted love interests are great characters; but if they had a direct hand in winning Tarmon Gaiden THEY would be the ta'veren.

So lets examine the Ta'veren.

Rand-Channeler with lunatic channeling genius residing in his skull. Lunatic feels at home there because Rand is more than a bit loco himself. Blademaster Quality swordsman.

Mat-Great General. Fights with knives, and asha..asher...spear. Effectively immune to the Power. Possessed of Battle luck. Probably the best physical fighter of the lot. (fought and defeated both Galad and Gawyn when he was recovering from healing and they were near the end of Warder training.)

Perrin-Wolf-brother. Wields a hammer. Can't channel. Has trouble fending off 1 person who's good with a sword (case in point: Aram). Can command(read: ask) wolves. Wolves near useless against formation fighting...or any kind of coherent fighting. Probably th smartest of the three but not the fastest thinker.

So Rand is the best channeler by virtue of being the only channeler amongst them, Mat is the best fighter, but what about Perrin?

Well it seems he has an overwhelming advantage in Tel'aran'rihod. He can talk with wolves. Wolves have pledged to fight in the last battle. Dead wolves live on in Tel'aran'rihod. He can go to Tel'aran'rihod via wolf dreams.

Perrin has his own personal army of furry doom-bringers in the world of dreams.

The forces of darkness have been seen to use the world of dreams. Therefore it's likely the battle ground will extend to there too.

So each hero represents a battle ground. rand's got the channeling fight, Mat has the physical, and Perrin has the Dream world.

Rand's opponent is the hole in reality that the dark one is leaking out from.

Shaidar Haran seems to be the DO's physical agent(given supremacy over the forsaken name literally means hand of the dark)and has a channeling power thats not channeling(which Mat is probably STILL immune to)(On a side note he was immune to that lightning bolt Ravin threw too. Jut not to the purely physical sledge hammer of rapidly expanding air and temperatures rising into the thousands of degrees that result when ground level atmosphere comes into contact with lightning.) so Mat's probably going to fight him.

That leaves Perrin, with no "final" opponent(I'm aware he'll probably fight Mogheiden and Darkhounds but since all three together are needed to seal the DO therre should be someone in the World of Dreams to match up with him).

So who does that leave? A figure who's steeped in darkness, associated with the world of dreams and isn't one of the forsaken (I'm sure its supposed to be even ground throughout the whole thing so whoever it is can't channel).

Off the top of my head the only one I can think of is Hunter/Isam/Luc. Doesn't seem to be to strongly connected to the DO himself but I'm sure possession is possible.

So the three of them win. most likely simultaneously or Rand last with the other two about the same time. The he finally manages t seal the gate probably at the cost of lots of blood and consciousness maybe life depending on how you read the assorted prophecies.

As for why I choose those enemies Min's viewings clearly states that with with just one of the Ta'veren the sparks of light are swallowed by the darkness, with two they hold ground and with three they push it back.

Since its the same darkness around all three it' the same enemy, or spirit thereof. We KNOW Rand's final enemy is going to be the DO so by extrapolation so is Mat's and Perrin' spirit at least.
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Theoryland: 2008-10-30

Gambler, some have suggested that alcohol was consumed during the writing of this theory. That being said, while this does feel like a "verbose prediction" let's see if this stirs any interesting conversations.


Theoryland: 2008-10-30

Gambler, some have suggested that alcohol was consumed during the writing of this theory. That being said, while this does feel like a "verbose prediction" let's see if this stirs any interesting conversations.


lordoftwilight: 2009-01-04

What about Padin Fain, I believe his opposite evil to the DO will be needed to counter it and send it back like with Rand cleaning the taint off of Saidin. Also you forgot tomention Moridin, Rand will probably end up fighting Moridin. Also I don't think Rand will still have LTT in his head at that point, since the Dragon Reborn must come to Tarmon Giadon in "all of his glory" i.e. he must be sane and the two "souls" described by semerhage as Rands insanity via the taint must be intagrated and all the chanelling secrets that can be pried from the voice must be figure out. There fore Rand should be sane and facing moridin at this point who has more advantages since he has a stable body where Rand's is dying(going blin, wound in his side...).


teilak: 2009-04-23

im new today so dont be too harsh but how bout this, i really have no evidence to back it up but

when rand goes to tarmon gaidon, he is knocked unconscious in some manner possibly by the warring factions inside his head of rand, morridin and lews therin, at which point, lews therin finally is able to seize control of his body and come "in all his glory", this is how rand is able to live by dying, because lews therin is the one who dies to return the bore to its pre-bore state,

going along with this, i think it is matt that realizes that in order to completely close the bore without there being a backlash, it will completely remove the ability to channel from the human race thus fulfilling his "give up half the light of the world to save it"

rands removal of channeling, essentially stilling all aes sedai is what earns him the wrath of the amyrlin


fish06: 2009-06-29

I think Mat has to give up one of his eyes as payment to get Moraine out of Finnland. This is supported by a viewing from Min in tEotW and because Min had a viewing that Rand would almost surely fail without Moraine. Therefore, Mat will give up half of the light of the world (his eye) in order to save the world by bringing back Moraine. But I do like your idea of Lewis Therin seizing control in Rands head at Tairmon Gaidon


justagambler: 2009-07-24

Just a small point gambler, in your "examination of the ta-vern", with reference to Matt, you have forgotton to mention his link with the horn of valere, which will undoubtedly play a role in the last battle.


Ramedar: 2009-07-30

I always thought that Rand as the DR signaled the repeation of the age lace (an age yet to come, an age long past). If so, why would Rand need more than himself, 113 male channelers and 10k of troops like LTT had with the hundred companions? What need for the AS Seachan or Aiel? Nearly everyone could die or split up before TG and the duct tape could still be applied. I guess the reason is that the hundred companions did a hack job.

Also the age lace must repeat in a larger scale than once every 3 or so ages. That said a very small pattern could be:

Lanfear type character opens bore, original Dragon character seals it w/ resulting taint backlash, the breaking, DR character cleans source and in TG and CLOSES (not seals) the bore. repeat

The dark one and others alude to something like this happening across millenia.

But then there is the italicized a in the sentence "But it was a beginning." which makes me think that the cycle will be broken in this age called the third age by some.


delboy16: 2009-08-08

Good ideas and to back up the last one in the LoC Herid Fel who says that there must not be a bore with a patch on it has to be whole. Which I believe means that Rand or Logan has to break it then rebuild it. (Logan because of the glory thing) Then again I could be wrong.


Abjater: 2009-08-31

Rand will be throwing old Fain down the ghul ala gholam in the firepit to bamboozle the DO with his new raising the dead powers and then devise a way to touch Moridin through Lews Therin to fuse both Fain & DO / Haran outside the pattern to contemplate their bad deeds


EternityNeverDies: 2009-08-31

IDK about the rest but Rand is deffinately gunna have to deal with Moridin, Fain(It was always Rand who he was obsessed with) and of course The DO. I think the idea of LTT taking over for Rand a good one but I think Rand himself is going to be in control when it come to the DO(all the prophesies say the Dragon Reborn will do it. Not The Dragon.) Mat is gunna naturally be the leader of the actual fighting forces on the ground. Since it is he with all the knowledge. IDK


Aeil Wolfbrother Warder: 2009-10-06

"think Mat has to give up one of his eyes as payment to get Moraine out of Finnland. This is supported by a viewing from Min in tEotW and because Min had a viewing that Rand would almost surely fail without Moraine. Therefore, Mat will give up half of the light of the world (his eye) in order to save the world by bringing back Moraine. But I do like your idea of Lewis Therin seizing control in Rands head at Tairmon Gaidon" fish6

i think thats what is gonna happen as well since the taveren are all at least semi based on norse gods and the one mat is based on lost an eye


fish06: 2009-10-11

Yah i agree with you Mat does possess many Odin like traits. He was hung from the tree of life for knoweledge. The relevent passage is in Havamal and says " I know that I hung on the wind swept tree nine entire nights wounded with a spear" the wind swept tree referst to the tree of life. Odin also puts one of his eyes into Mimir's well in order to gain knowledge or a mystic vision. Do you think Mat will have a vision that saves "the light of the world" And who do the other characters mimick in Norse society. Perrin must be Thor but only because of the hammer refrence. What is Rand?


MatOdin: 2009-10-29

Mat also has some Loki characteristics, i.e. being referred to as 'Trickster' by the Finn, so maybe Rand and Mat both share Odin/Loki characteristics? perhaps a touch of Balder (Him being the god of light and all?_)


indytyler: 2009-10-30

Mat is Odin. The Spear, the Hanging, the Tree, the one eye. The hat. The god of war and poetry.

Perrin is Thor. The strength. The hammer. The cautious nature & the god of the People.

Rand is Tyr. The one arm. The "high god". The general "fisher king" problems.


Clyve: 2009-12-08

This is a fairly good break down, however, you seem to be insisting Mat is immune to all One Power channeling, while the Finn-medallion he has only shields him from weaves of saidar. Also the Norse things is cool, but i don't think it is cut and dry in any way. Rand constantly chooses to channel lightning (e.g. on the Seanchan with Callandor, even calling himself "the storm") so he has multiple references to a thundergod, as well as Tyr's single arm/hand. Also, Perrin=wolf=fenrir? Midguard serpent and the great serpent rings of the aes sedai too