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aving the Aiel

by up2stuff: 2011-02-27 | 9 out of 10 (1 votes)

Recent Categories: The World After the Final Battle

Okay, this one is a loony theory, but it came to me literally as I woke up this morning. I will clarify/specify my sources later, as I cannot currently access my book, but I think that I can recall specifics closely enough to get this off the ground. I just read he concluding chapters of Towers of Midnight yesterday.

My theory about Rand and Avi's kids regards how they are tied to the Fate of the Aiel. Again, this is WAY out there, but bear with me.

I wonder if Rand and/or Aviendha will STILL their children, to save the People of the Dragon. The POV that we get from Avi's daughter (Her name is escaping me, sorry) is kind of scary in how amplified her teenage sense of invincibility is. "She checked that Saidar was in her mind, it's presence a comfort," or some such. We don't know if they can even release the source voluntarily. Furthermore, with the council of the "Children of the Dragon," the Aiel cheifs DO decide to procede with their war on the Seanchan.

Now think about it for a minute. If this were done, before the babies were too old, how would it really effect them?

1. Min's vision says there will be quads, and they will be healthy, BUT there is something strange about that. So far, everyone seems to think that them being able to channel from infancy was this oddity, but so would being STILLED.

2. Setelle Anan described in her conversation with Matt in the chapter "BOOTS" that it is not physically painful, but emotionally painful because while everyone else can channel, you cannot. This is why Gentled men and STILLED sisters give up, they miss it. As babies, the quads would not know what they were losing and could grow up without this knowledge to be normal.

3. I think that some of Nyneave's exams of Logain pre-healing state his health is fine.

4. They can be healed, or probably can be healed. Teach them as they are supposed to be taught and then heal them. They needn't be able to channel to be Wise Ones, of Maidens anyway.

Now that I think about it, there are possibly little clues all over the place. These are the things that stand out to me.

1. We are taught almost from the start about how seductive the power is. It is reflected on by nearly every channeler about wanting to hold more, and how alive it makes them feel. Once again, with Androl, who is fairly weak, we are reminded of this. Strange time in the series for a NEW character who could be fairly important from all accounts. It's a perfect time, though to remind of this seduction and possibly it's effects on judgement?

2. Again, Mat asked Setelle Anan what being stilled was like in their conversation in "BOOTS".

3. The reflections about being able, or not being able to channel from the Point of views of her daughter and the old Wise One. Always having access to the power has kind of skewed Avi's Daughter's point of view as to seeing herself Invincible, and her Great Granddaughter wishes she could channel and that would solve everything. Not your most enlightened view of Channeling.

If Rand and Avi could bring themselves to do this, it would keep the "Children of the Dragon" from growing up with this skewed perception of Reality. They could grow up as any child does and be healed around about the time they should manifest. Then they could be lead to it. They would not really be any different than other children and would not find the preferred status they enjoy in Avi's visions.

Much of the Aiel plight, stems from their council being given on something they really do not have the capacity or understanding of. It seems like many of the level heads in the council sessions are swayed, perhaps even compelled to fight, in the unconscious way of the wilders into War.

Some might think this is a horrible suggestion, but I ask you to look again and think about it. Many things today are done because they are perceived to be for a child's good and can be done without emotional trauma to the very young. Vaccinations, emergency treatments, circumcisions, cleft-pallet correction, etc. can all be done without emotional scars.

Keep in mind that this idea, might solve the problem, can be completely reversed, and should not only cause no emotional trauma, but might give Avi's granddaughter the Attitude Adjustment she needs.

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Tamyrlin: 2013-01-07

WinespringBrother's response for Tamyrlin:

This is an interesting idea, but I don't see Rand allowing his children to be subject to this "treatment" since it is a fairly extreme measure, nor do I see Aviendha allowing it, especially since it is a radical departure from Bair's advice to simply change one of their children's names. It might be better to let them keep their channeling ability and just make sure that they are raised properly, since they will have to learn to respect the One Power whether they can channel from birth or not.