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he Unholy Trinity.

by tehm: 2011-08-30 | Not yet rated

Recent Categories: Loony Theories

Thesis: "The Dark One", "Mashadar", and "Machin Shin" are allegorical unintelligent embodiments of metaphysical, human, and ...uhm, natural(?) evil and the ONLY evils which exist within the Wheel of Time.

Point 1: Machin Shin is an evil that is distinct (as defined by the author) from the "type of evil" attributed to either the dark one or Mashadar.We know machin shin has killed a ton of trollocs and fades per slayer and so probably isn't playing for that team. We know that it was afraid of Padan Fain implying it's probably not "the same" evil as him or else it would simply be copacetic with him (like for instance the fog was right before he knifes Al Thor). We further know that the evil of the taint and the evil of Mashadar are not the same because it is stated explicitly after Rand is healed from that same knife wound. A != B and A != C and B != C so we're dealing with A != B != C or three distinct evils here.

Point 2: There is a metaphysical, "unintelligent" evil comperable to the kind of thing we see with mashadar or machin shin but associated with "the dark one". Explicitly stated in context of the dagger wound healing above, the taint on saidin would also be a good example. My favorite, however, is this:

"Something black began to spin around Rand. It wasn't part of the storm; it seemed like night itself leaking from him. Tendrils of it grew from Rand's own skin, like tiny hands curling back and wrapping around him. It seemed evil itself given life." (ToM, 480)

Point 3: These three evils are the ONLY evils which exist within the Wheel of Time... And here's where we get to the rub, because it quite simply can't be proven given what is in the books...

Since we are somewhat stuck being unable to prove Point 3, what I would like to do now is introduce the corollary to this theory which perhaps is more provable (or at least disprovable) and in any case MUCH more interesting...

Let us assume that the above theory is true. If there are only 3 extant evils and all three evils are unintelligent, then by implication what the forsaken call "the dark one" isn't an evil--it's probably just a human touched by evil.

Now as odd as this sounds, there's precedent for it. Padan Fain is pretty clearly touched by Mashadar and evil as all get out. He's also able to command people almost as surely as "The Dark One" himself. Up until at least the fourth book "The Dark One" we knew was really just Baalzamon. The other forsaken have posited that Baalzamon was crazy for thinking he was the dark one:

"The other sounds like Ishamael, to me. All his pride at being only half-caught, whatever the price - there was always was less human left in him than any of us when I saw him again; I think he half believed he was the Great Lord of the Dark - all his three thousand years of machinations, and it comes to an untaught boy hunting him down." but what if his only true madness was in accidentally revealing that he basically was? "Elan Morin certainly was among the first to pledge himself to the Shadow, possibly the first. His public announcement of this, coming from a world-respected figure at a time when famine, plagues, and massive riots were racking an unprepared world, in the middle of a conference called to discuss dealing with the crisis, sparked even greater riots. It was Elan Morin who at the same time first announced to the world what it was that they faced. He called for the complete destruction of the old order - indeed, the complete destruction of everything.".

Is it really so hard to believe that "The Forsaken" had been duped and were no more than the best of the aes sedai that "The Dark Lord" could get to follow his cause? They certainly don't seem that much better (outside of their training of course, clearly the tower was a much better school back then...) than the aes sedai of modern Randland who are so easily duped by anyone willing to give a go of it. We already know that the "creatures of the darklord" aren't exactly "spawning from hell" or whatever--they were created by Aginor. Is there really anything we've ever seen or heard of the Dark Lord doing that couldn't be done by someone with access to the true power?...

Possible problems with the theory: 1. Baalzamon was a known forsaken who was at the bore with all of the other forsaken AND the dark lord at the time of the sealing. How could he be in two places at once? If this theory is true there would probably have to be another True Power user from the Age of Legends that masquerades as the dark lord but is not one of the 13 Forsaken.

2. Baalzamon dies and is resurrected much like many of the other Forsaken who have died. Apart from deus ex machina, what is bringing them back if not a sentient dark lord? If this theory is true there would probably have to be another True Power user from the Age of Legends that masquerades as the dark lord but is not one of the 13 Forsaken.

3. Sure, Moridin could use the true power and trick most of the forsaken, but if that's how he's been pulling off this charade then what about all the other people who could touch the true power? They'd almost have to know the truth of the situation once they felt the real "dark one" and knew it had nothing to do with "The Great Lord"... True that, That's basically why I think there's probably more than one "The Great Lord". It might even answer the questions above. Who do we know in this time period who almost certainly lived in the time of legends, has used the true power, and is almost certainly not one of the 13 forsaken? Taim.

4. But what about graendal? Good question... As far as I know, she's the only other person in this age (besides Rand) who can touch the true power. Either she's (now?) in on it (she has killed a LOT of forsaken) or the theory probably has to get tossed.

So there ya go. That's my one (and only) theory. You don't even have to be kind, I welcome criticism... You know, so long as it's about the theory and not my muddy prose, terrible spelling, rambling, etc...

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Tamyrlin: 2013-01-07

WinespringBrother's response for Tamyrlin:There are several clues in the text that point toward a connection between the Dark One and Ishamael/Moridin that go above and beyond a deity/worshipper relationship between them, and some parts of this theory help fill in the gaps of what has been revealed about the Shadow's organization, but an alternate explanation that seems to be more plausible is that Moridin is a separate entity but has established a mental connection to the Dark One as posited by Demandred in Towers of Midnight.


Kamaul: 2013-01-12

Assuming that Moridin is indeed a separate entity from the Dark One, let us see how connected they are.

Elan Morin Tedronai gave his soul to the Shadow making a firm connection. Ishamael was trapped right next to the Dark One for three thousand years. This probably can do a lot to make a connection between the two.

During those three thousand years, he used the True Power extensively enough to get the flames in his eyes. Now that probably makes an even greater connection.

Ba'alzamon was killed, and resurrected by the Dark one. He seems to be so unbelievably connected to the Dark One that we don't even need to say the last point.

Moridin continues to use the True Power such that he receives the saa.

It seems that they are so connected that it is possible that he and the Dark One have this mental connection. And also remember, the Dark One was able to speak with any of his Chosen during the Age of Legends, so it is possible that the Dark One is able to speak with Moridin without such mental connections.

I probably went off topic there, so let me get back to this theory. The Dark One is able to resurrect the dead; which, as far as we know, cannot be done by just anyone wielding the True Power. The Dark One has also created Shaidar Haran, who your theory hasn't mentioned at all. What is Shaidar Haran if there is no such thing as the Dark One?